Monday, February 3, 2014

A Review of "Dido's Tale" By Anne Brooke

This was a very interesting short story. If I read correctly, it was a love story and a story of betrayal. It takes place long ago, where people still believe in Greek Gods.

The queen of the city, Dido, speaks about her deceased husband and how mean he was to her. Then she tells us of a night she started dreaming of eagles. And the next day a bunch of men in a large ship came to her shore. She greeted them and welcomed them to her kingdom. Especially Aeneas, who was the leader or at least the first to come forward. The Queen Dido spoke of never being a harsh ruler and asked herself how could she refuse food to those who were starving, or shelter to those who were homeless? So all were welcomed. She was very interested in Aeneas as she looked into his eyes. She said there was fire in them.

She had feasts and all kinds of things ready for Aeneas and his men. But there was a special place at her table for Aeneas as he spoke of gods and godesses of which the queen did not believe in but she indulged him.

One night Queen Dido and Aeneas took a walk and he encouraged her to speak for a change and she told him of all of her troubles. That is when the secret romance began.

I do not want to say much more, but this, for as short as it was, was very interesting, and gripping and I enjoyed it. I did not expect the ending. I loved the authors descriptions of everything. I would definitely read another book by this author.