Thursday, February 27, 2014

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand

by Krutika Mallikarjuna)

1. "Id rather be reading"

2. When you read a line that is so well written you just close the book and stare at the wall for a minute.

3. When not one, but two or more of your favorite characters all die within the same book.

4. When your friends ruin the end of a book or series.

5. When you spend hours with your friends fancasting the movie version of your favorite book/series.

6. Associating certain books with certain parts of your life.

7. When you read your favorite book so often you know exactly what will happen next, but it still feels like you're reading it for the first time whenever you re-read it.

8. When people say that books are "just stories".

9. When you fall for a minor character then you have to wait for them to appear again.

10. Reading a horribly sad book and getting so upset that a fellow bookworm has to spoil something (like the fact that a dead character is actually alive) just to make you feel better.

11. When you read the book and a character has a dialect, so in your head, you speak with that dialect too.

12. Books are drugs for the imagination - and you are 100% addicted.

13. Finishing a book in a series and having no idea what to do with yourself while waiting to get the next book.

14. Letters written by characters in a book always make you imperatively emotional.

15. Buying clothes and other little things because you favorite character had those things too.

16. When they deleted your favorite scene from the book-to-movie adaption.

17. Whenever everyone always goes on about how the main characters of most books suck and how the minor characters are always better, and you think "But I love the main characters!"

18. The urge to shout "Troll in the dungeon!" in every place full of quiet people.

19. You aren't actually aware of a way to have a conversation without mentioning Harry Potter.

(They are not that great but if you want you can see the pictures that went with the problems. Click here.)