Thursday, February 20, 2014

Letting Go

I used to be so worried about blogging. Looking at the numbers. I enjoyed it a lot but I was stressed. I had days where I had 600 views and my spirits soared! Then the next day I would have 150 views and actually be depressed. Forgetting that when I first started blogging I only got 30-60 views a day. A few days ago, I realized no matter how much I post and how hard I work, I cannot force anyone to read my blog. Some more experienced bloggers said it takes up to a year or more before things really get going. I say this blog is for the readers and authors but this showed it was for me too. And a nice blogger recently reminded me the blog HAS to be for me. Or else I will burn out.

So I decided to let go one day and guess what? My readers were still there and good things happened.

Bloggers who previously did not reach out to me started to.

People were entering my contests and commenting on my blog.

And I have a respectable amount of viewers.

I think this is a good life lesson. Worrying helps nothing. Sometimes we cannot help it for example if a loved one was getting a serious operation, you would worry. But it still does not help.

Can you let go of something you are worrying about in your life that you can let go of? Give it a try you may be surprised at the results.