Thursday, February 20, 2014

Interview: Lynsay Sands, author of 'Vampire Most Wanted'

by Joyce Lamb)

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Twenty Argeneau Vampire novels and counting. And are the Argeneaus getting old? Nope. Lynsay Sands chats with HEA today about her long-running series, her vampire most wanted and Argeneau No. 20: Vampire Most Wanted.

Joyce: Welcome back to HEA, Lynsay! Congratulations on No. 20 of your Argeneau Vampires, Vampire Most Wanted. In honor of the title, which of your Argeneau Vampires is your most wanted?

Lynsay: Hmm, this is hard as they're all perfect in their own way. I guess — (Oh wait, just let me make sure my honey isn't around to hear it … OK, all good. lol) I guess my most wanted is Lucian. He is an older immortal, so it goes without saying that he's a little crusty. And as the head of the North American enforcers, he's seen too much not to be a little cynical, however, that hasn't stopped him from making a complete fool of himself over his life mate, Leigh. You have to love a man that can handle the worst of the worst on a daily basis, but is wrapped around the fingers of his wife and children.

Joyce: Amen!

Please introduce us to hero Marcus Notte and heroine Basha Argeneau in Vampire Most Wanted.

Lynsay: Marcus Notte grew up with Julius and he's been his, and then his son Christian's, friend, bodyguard and colleague for as long as he can remember. Now things have changed. Not only have the troubles Julius and his son were hounded with all their lives disappeared, but both men have also found their life mates. While Marcus is happy for both men, he's also feeling a bit lost. He's kind of suffering the empty nest syndrome, I guess. So when it's suggested he give Lucian a hand and help him find the elusive Basha, who disappeared centuries ago … well, he's happy to have something to do with himself.

As for Basha, she's been on the run her entire life. She's had to learn how to remain on the edges of society and hide in plain sight. The woman changes her home, her name, her job, and even her looks as often as most people change their shoes, all in an effort not to be noticed. But now someone has noticed her. Worse yet, like Basha, he's immortal. It looks like her life is about to change again.

Joyce: Vampire Most Wanted has been described as "a supernatural road trip through Cali." Can you elaborate on that?

Lynsay: In this story the real road trip is the carnival experience, which includes the people that work there. The story starts off in Bakersfield, Calif., which is the latest stop for the Hoskins carnival. This carnival has plenty of rides, but the rest of it … the sideshow acts, magicians, fortunetellers, the fair food are all part of the experience. And out of necessity the people that work in these professions become each other's family. The workers are traveling constantly so trying to maintain relationships with people outside this community would be hard. In Vampire Most Wanted we get to experience a little bit of the carnie life and at the same time see some of the back roads of California before cruising into Las Vegas.

Joyce: How have you managed to keep your vamps fresh through 20 novels?

Lynsay: Well, the simple truth is I bore easily so have to keep it interesting enough to entertain me. If there's a yawn factor at all then the story gets dropped and I start another. The different characters help too. Different personalities lead to different responses and reactions to situations, which leads to different situations developing from the original ones… I hope that makes sense. LOL. Anyway, I tend to draw characters from people I know or meet. So each character has their own quirks and temperament, etc.

Joyce: What more can you tell us about Vampire Most Wanted?

Lynsay: In Vampire Most Wanted, we get the opportunity to see what happens when an Argeneau goes head to head with a Notte. Both families are ancient and have survived and thrived since Atlantis fell so it's anyone's guess who will come out on top… or alive for that matter.

Joyce: Please fill in the blanks: I fell in love with ____ in ____.

Lynsay: I fell in love with Dean (Jensen Ackles) in Supernatural.

Joyce: What are three of your favorite TV shows (current or classic)?

Lynsay: Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who (current, not the one from the '70s … although haven't seen the newest new doctor yet so that could change), and … shoot, can't decide between them so it's a tie for third with Supernatural and Teen Wolf.

Joyce: What can readers expect to see from you next?

Lynsay: The next book in An English Bride in Scotland series, To Marry a Scottish Laird, is scheduled to be released on June 26th. It's about Jo, a young woman on a quest to deliver a message to the Laird and Lady MacKay, and Cam, a warrior who saves her from bandits and then offers his escort. Not to mention all the wonderful trouble they get into along the way. In this story you get to catch up with Annabel and Ross and find out what happened to her backstabbingly lovely sister Kate.

Other than that I'm currently working on the next book in the Argeneau series. This story involves some of the Argeneau characters from past books that we haven't heard from for quite a while.

Joyce: Is there anything you'd like to add?

Lynsay: Thank you for having me on Happy Ever After, Joyce. It's always a pleasure. :)

Joyce: Thanks for being here, Lynsay!

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