Saturday, February 22, 2014

Simply Fabulous!

I belong to a tour group (well a few tour groups) and you usually do see me using Xpresso (which I love!) or Reading Addiction or possibly Nerd Tours. But there are other groups and one is Fabulousity. I am so excited they are having an event in March and I got my url in early so I am already on the list to participate and I have so far spent this morning checking out the other bloggers who are going to be involved. I think I am finally getting how to connect with others who blog. I have to reach out. I mean I have, but with no luck and I did discuss this with someone who has been blogging a long time and she said just keep trying. But it is really neat to see all these new blogs and enter more giveaways lol!

I will get more information for you. I have to find the original post. I am not sure how this affects the readers. I mean if there is a participation for you or not. But other bloggers reading this you can click on my Fabulousity button to get information on how to be a tour host for that company and get in on this great even. I am reading a book for them right now as a matter of fact.

So this is not such a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.