Monday, February 3, 2014

15 Anagrams That Work Perfectly As Book Titles


Little else is more amusing for book lovers than imagining alternative titles for beloved classics. Better Book Titles, a blog that names books after their literal plots or themes, is hilarious without fail. And of course, a number of authors explored alternate titles before settling on their final choice (did you know The Great Gatsby was almost titled Gold-Hatted Gatsby? Yikes!).

In keeping with this theme, we've created anagrams for a number of classic novels that could have worked as the actual titles. Enjoy!

Light in August
Aught Linguist

The Great Gatsby
Betrays That Egg

Brave New World
Verbal Nerd Wow

Animal Farm
Alarm Man If

Tropic of Cancer
Craft Nicer Coop

On the Road
Ran Hooted

The Awakening
Aha Get New Kin

The Collector
Cell Cot He Rot

The Sun Also Rises
Share Noise Lusts

The Catcher in the Rye
Teacher City Then Her

Charmed Mild

A Clockwork Orange
Wacko Anglo Rocker

Lord of the Flies
Hoofed Fret Ills

Romeo and Juliet
Elated Ruin Mojo

Leaves of Grass
Age Savors Self

*Blogger's note: Clockwork Orange was my favorite