Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winging It Wednesday

I am back again for "Winging It Wednesday". If you are not familiar with my blog, on Wednesday I basically pull up all the blogs I follow and never get to read, close my eyes and point the mouse and open my eyes and land on a blog. I go to the blog that was chosen and see what is going on there. And I do it. And I mention their blog here for community support. Sometimes nothing at all is going on then we have no Winging of nothing lol! But I got lucky this week.

I visited and the name of the blog is "Dreaming About Other Worlds". I tried to get a link to give you to click but my laptop is being tempermental or the site is.

So the first thing I see is this blogger said she was "Currently trying to read and comment upon every novel that has won the Hugo and International Fantasy awards."

If you are a frequent reader of mine you know that I spotlight certain literary awards. So I am wondering, to add to my four other reading challenges this year, what award would I like that would also have books in a category I would really like to read. I am going to have to do some research but I will get back to you on it. There are a lot of literary awards and I think that is awesome.

So sorry there was nothing earth-shattering this week. It is hit or miss. That is why it is called winging it.

If any of you know of a medal/award and think it might be good to read all the books that have won this medal/award, please comment. I would love to check out my options.

See you next Wednesday!