Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Reluctant Reviewer

I love to read. I think I would not have a book blog if I did not.

I have signed up with virtual tour groups and I read books and give reviews as they do their tour. I have so far only had one book that was a three star. To promote the book, you have to hold a three star and under review until the tour is done. They only want four and five star reviews to promote the book.

I recently read a five star book and I will be posting the review with the tour on the 25th.

However, before that, on the 23rd, is a book I am reviewing that is lucky to get two stars. And that upsets me. I would not want to be on the receiving end of that. If you know me, you would know I spare people's feelings at all costs, sometimes at harm to myself. I try to be truthful with grace. I am a very nice person and fell awful but I have to be honest. This book went nowhere fast. At the end, it had the glimmer of a great idea. But the writing was terrible. When I think of all the self published authors who were looked over for this book, it makes me ill.

I still am going to feel bad when the author associates me with a bad review. I have seen it is in the three star range so I am not too far off in my thinking.

I have many more tour books to read. About one a week until May. Why not? I had my challenge list for the year but I want to be the person to help out in a jam for the tour companies.

So this review will go up Sunday, reluctantly. And I honestly noted the good parts and where it could be improved, because it can. The core concept is interesting. The story built around it was horrible.

The people in the book believe in magic.

No amount of magic will help this book.

And I am sorry.