Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Superbowl - Yes the Real One Not a Literary One

I wanted to let everyone know I am a football fanatic. I think it is in my bio but I have been a football and Steelers fan since the age of 8. I know as much if not more than a lot of guys and am proud of that. You will always see me wearing a Steelers shirt and I can probably go a month straight and not wear the same one. And should I mention the boots, jeans, hoodies, socks, heavy jackets, light jackets, pajamas, etc. You name it, I have it. Football season is like a Holy Day in our house. My husband and I watch from 1p-11p or whenever Sunday Night Football is over. And of course we watch MNF. He is lucky he is a Giants fan so he gets to see his team play each week. I cannot complain too much. I get at least six Steelers games a year because they are considered local (Metro area). We order Chinese one week, Chicken Galore the next, Subs, Pizza, etc. It is our time. We pull the couch out close to the television and sit together with the dog in the middle and watch three games in a row every Sunday. And I love it.

It was weird this season because I was not feeling well a lot. I missed a lot of games. Plus I had this blog. And it is not the blog's fault. But at halftime I would check out and see if I could post a few posts and I would wind up blogging the whole second half. So I really feel bad. You cannot watch football and do something else. You need to hear every play call, and watch every thing going on on the field.

So although tomorrow is my three month Blogiversary, I will not be spending it with my readers but with my husband of 13 years. We have Christmas decorations to put away. We have to set up the tv room. We have to get our snacks from Shop Rite (we already got goodies from the bakery today) and figure what two places we are ordering food from. We eat at the beginning of the game and get hungry again around the 3rd. Then I believe the game starts at 6pm but we will be watching pre-game activities too. I may throw a post in here or there and I am not saying not to come by. Surely you have not read all 3,000 plus of my posts! :) But do not expect the normal volume. I may do my usual "The Quote, The Review, The List", but I may wait for my debut of "Sunday Quarterback".

I want you to know I will miss my blog. You really get attached to your blog. It is like not petting your dog for the day or something similar. I love what I do. So I will miss this tomorrow but the Superbowl is the be all, end all. I am routing for Denver because I am a Peyton Manning fan. I wanted a Denver/Seattle Superbowl so I am happy about that. If it could not be my team or my husband's team in the Superbowl.

I will be back on Monday for sure. I have some personal things going on and my husband is off Sundays and Mondays so we may spend Monday working on some things. If I am taking a break I may just say it and then I do not have to worry about putting out another post.

So DO NOT forget the giveaway! I have a jam packed week of blitzes, cover reveals, and giveaways coming up for you. I will still be blogging tonight but I actually am not feeling well and have not been today so this may be the last thing you see for a day or two. But please check back. I may post something earth shattering! No really check back just in case I get a last burst of energy.

And I want to thank the over 17,000 of you who have stopped by to read my blog in the past three months. I went through all my old posts yesterday and it is amazing how much I know now. I can count on a certain amount of people stopping by each day and I am happy. That is why I ask you to comment so I can tailor it to you. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support.

If you ever need anything, all you have to do is ask.

All of my love to my readers,