Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Quarterback

Okay it was a good week all around for the team. I mean the team of you my readers, me, authors, etc.

First the stats. We had 5 book blitzes, two cover reveals, two reviews, three awesome interviews, and one contest winner.

Also this week I gave you a lot of free book links. There was many lists (including my own) of new books coming out. And lots of awesome book news.

I added a lot of love and romance novels in for Valentine's Day and I also added a lot of books and articles to read in honor of Black History Month.

I told you about the making your own bookmark contest and other contests and giveaways I thought you may like.

Speaking of giveaways we have FIVE going on this week! Good stuff.

I also finally did some Spine Poetry and know I encouraged at least one person to try it. So that goes in the win column.

And finally I did a lot of my own posting especially the "What Irks Me" got a good response.

So all in all it was a great week for the team.

The Playbook for this week:

Coming up this week I have at least two guest bloggers and two interviews for you to check in for.

I am reading a lot of books that I am finishing up, and that, mixed with me starting with the shortest books on my Kindle (see my challenge I just posted about) means you should be seeing a lot of reviews.

There will be three cover reveals this week. That will be a lot of fun. I cannot wait. And there will be five book blitzes. And more giveaways.

Speaking of giveaway, the game plan is for you is to enter all you can because some of them only have about 2 days left. You have a great chance of winning. I do not want to repeat myself. But as a team, this is an area we need improving on. I want all of you to enter the giveaways. It is so much fun to get a book in the mail or a new one on your Kindle.

I will also be doing my daily "The Quote, The Review, The List" as well as my days of the week topics.

I also will be doing more original Spine Poetry and I decided to start doing drabbles again.

And, as always, all the book news you can handle.

I believe we have a great game plan and a winning team :)