Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Challenge

You have all read about my reading challenges for this year. Well I just added another one. I did not include really any of my Kindle books in the other challenges. Out of sight, out of mind syndrome. So I made a list of all my Kindle books and the length that they are. I originally did it to write who gifted me, what I purchased, etc and to know I have a lot more books to read than what is on the floor, the end table, in a drawer, on two book shelves, etc.

So it was a good thing I wrote down how long each of them was.

My challenge is to start with the shortest book and work my way up. So it is fair to everyone. I just read my first book and did a review in case you did not see it. I do not know if I can read 126 books this year and the only reason I am saying that is because I have physical books that I want to read, my other challenge books, and my tours books and I am now with five tour groups. I am trying to not jump on every tour that goes by because I want my own reading time. It is hit or miss with a tour book.

So this should be interesting. I will have to look at my numbers very carefully. I am not making a list of least to most, I do not see the point. I can read and remember a number.

So wish me luck and good reading!!!