Friday, February 7, 2014

Spine Poetry

A few days ago, one of the blogs I went on was doing what is called "Spine Poetry". What you do is get all of your hard or softcover books, and make poetry. I saw two and they were good. A few people were doing it that day. I think it was another bloggers suggestion. One of my readers and fellow book blogger said she did not like hers, but I read it and I did. I think I posted the both examples I found here. So, I did not forget, but I joined Instagram today and I am not tech advanced enough to send the picture from my phone to my email to download here (is that possible?) But if you want to see my poetry (I did two but just posted one so far) so click to see my spine poetry. I would love if you left a message. And that was only from the books in one room! I am going to try and post the other one.

Give it a try it is very fun and creative.

Great. Another reason for me to buy more books!