Saturday, February 1, 2014

Review of "A Change in the Weather (The Purana Qila Stories, #1)" by Shaheen Ashraf-Ahmed

I received this as an R4R. I love short stories so I was sure to like it. And I thank the R4R community and the author.

It was not horrible, that is the thing. You know I do not use the star system but in other places where I have posted a review I only gave it two stars because it was very confusing to me. To many names, and when referring to he or she I was not sure who the person narrating the story was speaking of. The narration was off. This story could have been told more simply. It was the longest 19 pages I have read.

This story appears to be about a father and his son. They do not get along so well. Then the father starts what seems to be a romance with Emily. I get that Emily is much younger.

His father passes away and leaves a stack of letters for his son to read. And what he finds out is interesting. It was a twist. Again, I was still confused about the father of the baby and whether the narrators son had also loved Emily.

It had some nice writing parts. Some good descriptions. But again the names. There was too many people that did not belong in the story that I could see from the ending. And there were many details that did not enhance the story.

I still would read something of this authors because I believe there is something there.