Saturday, February 1, 2014

Authors Launch Yearlong Series of New Adult Romances, Part 2

by Jessie Potts)

Today we get to visit with the other half of the authors (the first half got their say yesterday) involved in the Unfiltered series, 13 novels written by 14 different authors with Payge Galvin co-writing for continuity. One New Adult-oriented and steamy book launches each month, with book one, Unfiltered & Unlawful by Ronnie Douglas and Payge Galvin, out now. Next up, on Feb. 14: Unfiltered & Unknown by Lynne Jaymes and Payge.

Here are co-authors Ronnie and Payge to give us an overview of how the Unfiltered series came into being …

Ronnie and Payge: The Unfiltered series started as a way for a group of friends to stay in touch. After several rounds of poolside cocktails, we thought it would be fun to write something together. We quickly had ideas for characters, a starting plot, and from there, we created plans that led to a book a month for a full year. Unfiltered starts when 12 strangers walk away from a night-shift shooting with more than $100,000 each in drug money, a pact never to speak again, and the chance to start over. Each story in the series follows one of the original 12 characters as some seek fame, others seek forgiveness, and some simply skip town. But every character — whether looking for it or not — finds love.

Jessie: What is your story about?

Katy West (book seven): Unfiltered & Untouched is about Ally, a party girl who's promised to quit drinking and attend AA, but accidentally joins a celibacy club and signs an abstinence pledge instead. To further complicate things, she falls for the club president — a former Marine with his own reasons for pledging — who teaches her that there are many (hot!) ways to connect — both physically and emotionally — without actually breaking their oath

Abby Lombard (book eight): Unfiltered & Unveiled is about a college football star bound for the pros. To fit into the football player role, he's been hiding the fact that he might not be entirely straight for his whole life. His carefully crafted image is endangered when he and his girlfriend start taking ballroom dance lessons and they both find themselves falling for their sexy teacher.

Kasey Wolfe (book nine): I write Jess' story (Unfiltered & Undone). In defending Sugar, Jess shot the mysterious man at the coffee shop, and she's suffering from a lot of guilt over that. When someone starts stalking her, help comes in the form of her former shooting instructor, Declan Cavanagh. Together, they'll work to keep Jess safe … and stop her stalker.

Lucy Byrd (book 10): In Unfiltered & Undecided consummate lady's man, Joe Cunningham, has promised to stay out of trouble while working on his father's senatorial re-election campaign. However, he can't resist a young woman he meets in the hotel bar, and after a mind-blowing night together, he can't get her out of his mind. Once he discovers that she's the daughter of his father's challenger, and therefore completely off-limits, Joe has to decide between loyalty to his father, and loyalty to his heart.

Gabby Marsh (book 12): I'm excited to be writing the final book in the series, Uncensored! Max is a journalism student desperate for a big story — while others try to escape what happened the night of the shooting, Max sees an opportunity to get that story and to make the girl he loves believe in him again.

Jessie: How was it writing a whole series with so many other authors?

Katy: So much fun! The whole thing has truly been a group effort, and we're in constant contact, so for me, this has strengthened not just my writing, but my friendships as well.

Abby: Working with 12 other authors has been surprisingly harmonious. It's great to have others to brainstorm with, and having friends to help keep your enthusiasm up when you're struggling is priceless.

Kasey: It was so much fun. In high school, I wrote with friends, and I've missed that. This project gave me a chance to revisit those days, and I had an absolute blast doing it.

Lucy: Working with 12 friends has been really amazing. Everyone brings such different skills to the table and has been so supportive and encouraging. I've truly loved sharing this experience with all of them!

Gabby: I was a little wary at first — all of us have strong opinions, after all — but it's been amazing. I love the wild energy of all of us working together!

Jessie: Which book are you most looking forward to?

Katy: Obviously I'm looking forward to them all, but especially Meg Chance's book, Unfiltered & Undressed, which is about a former webcam stripper trying to put her past behind her in favor of a different life. The story speaks to me, personally, which is probably why it has themes in common with my own book.

Abby: I'm really looking forward to Unfiltered & Uncensored by Gabby Marsh. It will wrap up the whole series and will also give readers a chance to revisit some of their favorite characters as a reporter who was in The Coffee Cave during the shooting tries to get to the bottom of everything.

Kasey: Oh, I'm looking forward to so many of them. But if I have to choose one, it'd be Bridgette Luna's Unfiltered & Unsaved. I have a weakness for con-artist characters. Bridgette is such a amazing writer, and I can't wait to see what she has in store for Hope and Elijah.

Lucy: It's a hard question because we all chose to write the story that interested us the most! But I'm really looking forward to Unfiltered & Unveiled by Payge Galvin and Abby Lombard.

Gabby: I'm looking forward to them all! But I am very curious to read Kasey Wolfe's Unfiltered & Undone. That's the book that's from the point of view of Jess, the shooter — I can't wait to see what that night in the coffeehouse looks like from her point of view!

Find out more about the Unfiltered series at Ronnie Douglas' website. And don't forget to check out yesterday's post featuring the other Unfiltered authors.

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