Saturday, February 1, 2014

Review of "Bound" by K.A. Last

I did a book blitz for Imagica, the book by K.A. Last. When I went to one of the author's pages, this was a bonus you can click on and get for free.

It was short, but it was captivating enough to peak my interest and want to read Imagica.

Imagica is a fantasy, but from reading this, there is a romance involved. The fallen angel Seth just wants to be with his beloved Grace, also an angel. He cannot get near her because of something he did in the past. Seth waits around all the time for her to reincarnate so they can fall in love over and over again. And he is tired of it. So he calls on Michael (yes that angel Michael) to help him out.

This left me with a lot of questions which I am sure will be answered if I read Imagica. But this seems to be the thing now along with the book trailers, the series and even a .5 book that is short tells us extra information. I like it it is a good idea.