Saturday, February 1, 2014

Review of "Before the Crash: A Melissa Morris Short Story" by Jasmine Schwartz

This download contained two short stories. I am still trying to figure out if how much the first has to do with the second. But I think that is what the author wanted.

The first story is about the very weird way Melissa looses her job. It was told very well. The ending was a complete surprise one of those where your mouth opens.

The next story takes place sometime after the first and I believe is the tease to the upcoming book. You are happy for Melissa. I wanted to be happy for her. But a weird turn of events has her backed up against a wall again with bad luck coming from all sides. Just when the short story ends, is where the book probably picks up and I want it now!!

I recommend reading this. For two reasons. On its own, the first story is a pretty good short story. The second story should make you want to read the book. But if not, you just read another short story that was interesting.