Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lets Talk How Many is Too Many Books

I have a problem. I love books. It is a love/hate relationship. I love all they give to me. All the adventures, the laughs, the tears, etc. Then on the flip side is a bad book, stressing over a book you promised someone you would read, and where do I put all of my books?!

I did Spine Poetry yesterday and loved it. I have way more than enough books to do it. I posted two on Instagram and I posted the link on my blog to my first and favorite one. I also mentioned I was looking through a dresser drawer I had to empty out for books. Now I have nowhere to put those clothes. Great time for early spring cleaning.

As I completed another piece of poetry today (not up yet), looking through all the books (safely) on the floor, in my bed, next to my bed, on my end table, in the dresser, and on the bookshelves upstairs and downstairs, I was in shock in seeing them all at one time. I do not enter every single goodreads contest everyday anymore but I still enter contests and have been blessed with incredible luck. I think I paid for (most recently, since around October of last year) paid for 6 of, at last count 46 books. The 46 I won. Two came in the mail yesterday. All free. The draw is that this must be what I imagine being an addict is like.

This all got me to thinking. I still enter (because it is easier and takes less time) contests on Those are Kindle books mostly. So room is not to much of a concern. When I got a Kindle and heard of people filling up their Kindle's I could not believe it. I thought "Control yourself! You cannot read that many books in a lifetime". Now I am on the other side of the fence. But it still looks green.

In my Kindle are 137 books. Most won or gifted to me. The rest were free or .99c. So since that would be a LOT of books if they were in person, so to speak, then I would have to empty out more than one drawer. But I never had an intention of getting so many Kindle books. I have to stop telling people I can read their book for now. I will probably never be caught up because new books are coming out for the Spring and I have three bookstore gift certificates. But what I did, to remind myself of how out of control this can get, is spent my time writing down every single book on my Kindle and how long it was. I was surprised how many very long and very short stories there were in there. And the genres are mostly all represented. But I think 1,000 books fills a Kindle. I do not intend for that to happen. So I am going to try to play catch up and only buy the books I posted on here as my favorites for the Spring (I posted twice, two different lists).

Do I have too many books? Yes I do. Can I read them all? Sure I can! I do wonder if some are just meant to be on the shelf. But I cannot make time stand still while I catch up to 2014. But what I can do is keep a better eye on what I am doing. Maybe take a month and not enter contests for a month and not buy anything, even get anything for free, for a month. I already have my Fantasy Friday book and my Valentine's Day book that I am reading. Plus three others. I can make it for a month.

So how many is too many? I cannot answer that. I know people are worse than me and some better. I am thankful for every book I do not have to pay for because I would not be able to afford the books otherwise. I think that it is why it is so important to me. Not to mention not reading for 14 years I feel like the books may get taken away again. There is a lot of psychology involved here I am sure.

So unless you are on "Hoarders", I think you can not have too many books.