Saturday, February 8, 2014

Giveaways and My Migraine

I was in full swing this morning. Blogging away. Then my computer could not find a connection for a while so I had to put it down and let that resolve itself. But then I had a headache and it turned into a wicked migraine. I am not going to post my awesome (yes I can say that) post of my migraines. It is on another blog of mine. So keep checking back for posts. I may pick up the laptop and throw one in if I wake up in the middle of the night, or check any sites tonight. Or if I just want to post. I may just try to sleep. The screen glare, any light really, is horrible for migraines. I just do not know when to quit sometimes.

I will be here tomorrow for "Sunday Quarterback". And you will get my "The Quote, The Review, The List" for sure. And hopefully lost of book information, new releases, some short story reviews, some information, funny things, etc. So make sure you stop back by. Lots of news on Sunday for books.

Also, the giveaway. Come on guys lol! A chidlren's book, a book of short stories, a new adult contemporary romance, a regular romance, and your choice of 11 books for an author that does some romance and erotica. I may enter this time! I can vouch for The Weight of a Feather and Hampster S.A.M.. The other books look interesting. I have said it before and will say it again: IT'S A FREE BOOK!

So as always, GOOD LUCCK! And I hope to feel better soon. These migraines can last for days. (shudder) If you want to see my migraine post from my other blog, comment and I will pull it. I could write a book about migraines.

Everybody have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

All of my love to my readers.