Saturday, February 15, 2014


I saw this yesterday and was so excited. I have not found much support in the blog world. I do not know why. My blog is completely different from everyone I know and those of you who follow me, authors and readers, know how nice I am. I find when I ask questions of more experienced bloggers, they do not want to help. So I am hoping that joining this will help. I just am upset with the whole router problem today and I had to catch up with my book tours and giveaways, eat and things like that. So now I am seeing all that I missed. I am glad it goes until 9p and goes on tomorrow. Any bloggers that happen to see this, I would just like to have some support and information. If you follow me, I will most likely follow you back. I do not want to make a false promise I am not being difficult. I do not ask for a lot and I am very nice. Ask anyone. I do everything I can do for you if you are my friend. So I did not get to do my usual blogging today but I will be back to it tomorrow. You can look at yesterday's to get an idea of what I do. Thank you in advance. Happy Blogging!