Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where Did the Missing Posts Go?

For my regular readers, I apologize for not putting my Wednesday and Thursday column up. For "Winging it Wednesday" my day went like this - I was sick, on the way to the doctor with hubby, the transmission went. By the time we got home, and with the weather, I have not gone to the doctor. So although I am blogging, the things I do when I curate are easier than my daily blogs. I looked for one or two places for Wednesday but did not find anything. I may look again later. I slept a LOOOT yesterday.

Today, "Thursday Tea", I had finished the book if you remember. I have started a new one but first I am not totally sure I want this to be the "Thursday Tea" book. I have to read a little more but I am pretty sure and than I will announce it. Second I signed up for too many book tours and am a little behind in my reading. It is a good think I am a fast reader. But not feeling good on top of it I may be reading or blogging and just get tired and need to sleep.

I may need a day to put out the "Gone Fishing" sign and just read all day.

And that is not a bad thing :)