Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Tea

For those of you who do not follow my blog, "Thursday Tea" is when I talk about a comfort book I am reading. I had finished my first book and had picked up Derailed by Neta Jackson and Dave Jackson. After starting it, it seemed like one of those curl up on the couch and drinking tea type of book. Also I am only supposed to read the book on Thursdays and read a certain amount of chapters. This, being the avid reader I am, does not work out a lot. But the idea is good :) I do try my best to stick to it.

I did not read it last week. I am going to make time today to read my five chapters. But I am also thinking, I have been reading "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion. This I am 9 chapters into. I may be in danger of reading it during the week though if I pick it as my Thursday book. But it is on the table right now as my "Thursday Tea" book. If you have not read it or heard anything about it, it is about a man who is very intelligent, very regimented, very organized almost to an obsessive level. He has never really thought about a mate because all of his dates have gone wrong. He is socially awkward. So he starts talking to his friend Gene and his wife and they decide to start "The Wife Project". Our man man Don, makes a questionnaire which is just too long and the questions are funny. None of the girls measure up of course. Enter Rosie. Don's friend said he found her in the surveys but he really just threw her into the mix because she is beautiful and funny and bubbly.

Don and her have a first date and it is not a complete disaster but she has some habits that would cross her off as a potential mate in Don's mind. But after the date, he finds himself thinking about her.

So that is where I am in that book. I am actually doing a buddy read. So you see where I am not sure if this can be my Thursday book. But I love it. I promised my blog readers I would read a romance novel for February and this falls in that category. It may not be the type of romance that usually is spoken of but it counts to me. I am not a romance fan. However since I started blogging, I have read two romance novels that I won and they were good. Listen I love all genres but I prefer certain ones. I run from romance and YA but again, my first YA book was soooo bad, it turned me off. Then I read a good one so I am a little more tolerant of the genre.

So back to Thursday. I will make my decision today. I may post again. Such a job I have figuring out what book to read on my Thursdays!

Stay tuned.