Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Tea

First of all yes I changed my image for "Thursday Tea". Just a thought. I had two others. I like the big mug that says "TEA" and looks like it was drawn by a child, the image I usually use. I am just trying the one above out. You can always comment and let me know which one you like better.

So I had picked Friendship Cemetery by Adele Elliot to read last week. I am halfway done. It is so hard to just read a book on one day when it is as good as this. I have a feeling I am going to cry at the end. I read one chapter so far today. Since I am very caught up I may read another book but I want to read or maybe finish this today. So probably by next week I will have my new "Thursday Tea" book picked out.

I do not know if I should tell you about the story or wait until the review. Here is the goodreads description:

“Friendship Cemetery” is the story of 18-year-old, Emma Grace. This Southern Gothic story begins with her desire to become a ghost hunter. To this end, Emma spends time in the cemetery. However, she is not alone. There she meets Princess Kamara (a dwarf, who creates quirky, folk art “sculptures” from detritus found in the cemetery), and Tyrone (a young African-American boy, who introduces Emma to a healer-woman). It is a story about family secrets and acceptance. “Friendship Cemetery” will appeal to adult readers and mature teens. There is no graphic sex or violence.

That is a pretty good summary. I love the friendship that has developed between the two girls. I am at a part in the book where they have gone into the cemetery at night for the second time, determined to find ghosts.

So that is what is going on this Thursday. And of course I am drinking my tea.

I hope you join me next week again to see either the review of this or the new book I am reading.