Friday, February 7, 2014

These Newer Eroticas Can Melt Ice … Perfect Timing!

by Joyce Lamb)

Here are some newer erotic romance and eroticas, compiled for you and HEA by some of our favorite authors (info provided by publishers and/or their websites):

The following new releases were compiled for HEA by Desiree Holt, author of Quarterback Sneak. Her website is

Melting the Ice by Jaci Burton (Berkley). New Play-by-Play novel. Everything's coming together for budding fashion designer Carolina Preston. Only months away from having her own line, she could use some publicity. That's when her brother suggests his best friend as a model—hockey player Drew Hogan. Carolina and Drew already have a history—a hot one, back in college. Unforgettable for Carolina, but for Drew, just another slap shot. This time, though, it's different. His perfect body would be for professional use only. This time, she could use him. Drew is all for it. He's looking forward to the exposure. Plus, it would give him a chance to prove to Carolina that he's changed. If only he could thaw her emotions, convince her to let down her guard and let him in just one more time…

Letting Go by Maya Banks (Berkley). The hotly anticipated first book in the Surrender Trilogy about three couples exploring BDSM relationships. This first book follows the story of young widow Josselyn Breckenridge as she decides to confront her submissive desires and finds that her late husband's best friend is the man who wants more than anything to possess her.

Bound by Lorelei James (Berkley). The first book in the two-book Mastered BDSM series about graphic designer Amery Hardwick and enigmatic dojo owner Ronin Black as they embark on an erotic journey that will shatter her inhibitions.

Bound to Be Dirty by Savanna Fox (Berkley). The third novel in Savanna's Dirty Girls Book Club series. Lily was lucky enough to marry her dream man, Dax, but after ten years of marriage they need to rediscover their passion for each other. Thanks to her book club's BDSM selection for this month's read, Dax sneaks a peek at his wife's book and begins to get some ideas. The heat flares between the two of them again, but it might take more than kinky sex to save their marriage.

Shaken by Heather Long (Fated Desires Publishing). The Martini Sisterhood — five women bonded by the ties of friendship, supporting each other through challenges of surviving love, and loss. For these women, life can change on a whimsical dare and a magic eight ball... Accountant Zip Collins spends so much time on spreadsheets that's she's forgotten what it's like to be between the sheets. During her weekly cocktail hour with the girls, they consult a Magic Eight Ball about her crush on bartender Tony. When the toy advises her to go for it, Zip dares to color outside the lines and go after the man who heats her dreams... Tony Giordano enjoys Friday nights above all others, because it's the one night a week he's sure to see the sexy accountant and her friends. Having long since resigned Zip to the look, but don't touch category, he's blown away by her invitation. Tony's always been a planner but with his custody battle looming, he's not prepared for the effect she has on him...

Long Overdue by Tara Andrews (Decadent Publishing). Jill Malone has been looking for love for all the wrong reasons. A reality check has her signing up for a no-strings attached night to simply forget about forever after. The last thing she expected was to know her blind date. Blake Anders doesn't need help finding a date, but he's tempted by 1Night Stand's reputation of arranging exactly what a person needs. And he needs more. Though doubtful, he agrees to one night and hopes to discover his perfect match. He didn't count on Madame Eve reaching deep into his past to give him a night with the woman he never forgot. Fearing another broken heart, Jill works to keep herself from becoming attached, but Blake goes all in to convince her that he wants their long-overdue love to be more than a one-night stand…

February Lover by Rebecca Royce (Decadent Publishing). Aidan Roux fled New Orleans fifteen years ago, leaving behind a woman he loved. Planning to keep it light because he has no intentions of sticking around, he's caught off guard by his mother's health crisis. Forced to stay, he challenges Stacey to be his lover for February with no expectations of anything else. Stacey never stopped wanting Aidan, but she's not a girl anymore and she meets his proposition with one of her own. A hero, just back from Afghanistan, he's the perfect guy for her calendar contest. If he wants her in his bed, he'll pose for her camera. Stacey and Aidan seem made for each other—but old hurts cannot be forgotten and love isn't always enough…

Catching Cary by Megan Slayer (Decadent Publishing). Cary Hazard walked away from his life as the front man for the band, Cascadia, to embrace a quieter existence in Zero. With no celebrities and no one wanting things from him, he's happy. He's also lonely. He wants to find that one special person to warm his nights and love him—tattoos and all. Will he or end up alone again or will the hunk at the Eight Ball bar be his saving grace? Layne Stevens has a past he's not proud of. He's looking for redemption, but not in the hands of a former star. If he can stay in the shadows, he's happy, but lonely. The man singing at the bar has his full attention. He wants to wrap himself up in the guy's strong arms. Will he be able to open up and offer his heart or will the truth destroy everything he holds dear? It's a matter of catching Cary.

The following new releases were compiled for HEA by Tara Sue Me, author of The Submissive Trilogy. You can visit her at

Cold War by Keira Andrews (Loose Id). After an explosive locker room confrontation with his Russian rival ends in the most surprising and intense sex of his life, American pairs skater Dev Avira needs to refocus. He's worked for years to win Olympic gold, and he can't let himself—or his partner—down. Distraction in the form of steely and smoldering Mikhail Reznikov is the last thing he needs as he prepares for the biggest competition of his life. But with the Games only days away, they can't keep their hands off each other. Dev soon learns that beneath Mikhail's arrogant and aloof exterior is Misha, a passionate man who warms Dev's heart and scorches his bed. They're both determined to win, but for Misha his freedom could be on the line. Can Dev put his deepening feelings on ice as he goes for gold?

In the Dead of Cold by Allie Quinn (Loose Id). Milo Drummond never knew his dream lover existed. Then Jane Smyth steps into his resort. Seeing her bruised from his greatest enemy, he vows to protect her and hopes for at least a night of reality with her in his arms. But his enemy, Bart, definitely has other plans, and not just for Jane. Being telepathic and telekinetic has never made Jane's life simple, but when she runs into Milo and gets a head full of his secrets, 'not simple' gets downright complicated. Not only is Milo a vampire, but also, she has the most intensely erotic dreams of him now, whenever she falls asleep. So when she learns what Bart has planned, she has no choice really, but to put herself in danger to warn Milo. Sometimes being soul mates can leave you dead in the cold...

On the Ropes 2: Insidious Obsession by Michelle Cary (Loose Id). Amber Star is over the moon when she learns she's made Extreme Ultimate Wrestling's main roster. She sees this as her opportunity to finally be the mega star she's always dreamed about being. The last thing on her mind is love. Yet, the moment she spots fellow wrestler Cole Collins, she knows there's something more between them than just a shared love of the sport. Yet, because of her haunted past, she feels compelled to keep him at bay. A member of the team known as The Tribunal, Cole Collins is enjoying is life as a wrestling star. He's focused on his career, the fans and enjoying all the perks that come with being a star. He's always considered himself too young to fall in love, so he's shocked when he develops new and intense feelings for Amber. The little Vixen is beautiful, quiet and aloof. A combination that tempts Cole in way he'd never experienced. When someone targets Amber and puts her life in danger, she turns to Cole and The Tribunal to help but can Cole protect her?

The Red Dragon 2: Too Good a Man by Becky Black (Loose Id). After months of sneaking around, Captain Alyn Evans and Jarvez Kashari have gone public as a couple. Alyn wants to move in together, but Jarvez isn't ready. As the Red Dragon's trading mission begins, Jarvez worries that Alyn's principles will clash with the Company's sometimes ethically dubious methods. The Company rep aboard ship, he fears he'll be the one to feel the sharp edge of Alyn's disapproval and could even lose him. Alyn's unbending sense of right and wrong leads him to give asylum to an enslaved man, Sumi, bringing threats of retribution from Sumi's owner. This leads to tension between Alyn and Jarvez when Alyn makes Sumi his personal steward and Jarvez feels he can no longer get a moment alone with his lover. Sumi's owner follows up on his threats and Alyn is brought before a court in a politically charged trial, whose outcome already seems fixed. Kept apart from Alyn, terrified he'll see him go to prison, Jarvez doesn't think the situation can get any worse. Until Alyn's ex shows up. In the end he'll be driven to beg for help from the one person who'd like to see Alyn out of Jarvez's life forever.

The following new releases were compiled for HEA by Beth Williamson (Emma Lang), author of The Fortune (Malloy series, book nine). Her website is

Without a Trace by Laurie White (Secret Cravings Publishing). Magazine journalist Rachel Bennett has a reputation for getting to the heart of a story. However, when her sister disappears and is suspected of embezzling from her employer, the story has suddenly become personal. The last thing Rachel wants right now is the distraction of Matt Romero, the detective assigned to the case. She wants a "safe" man…and Matt is anything but that.

Forever by Allyson Young (Evernight Publishing). Dean Chambray is an arrogant, handsome, undercover crime boss, awaiting a certain man he must take down. Women line up for him, but when they put out, he puts them out. Enter Amy Copeland, product of foster care, the streets and glitter of Vegas. Resolving to change her life, she abstains from relationships. These damaged souls meet, and beneath the searing lust lies a deeper sense of belonging. Cautiously building a life together, Dean falls back into misogyny. Betrayed, Amy flees. Recognizing his folly, he struggles to find her, while the pincers tighten around his small organization. Desperate, Dean resorts to kidnapping when she refuses to return. It takes patience and considerable effort to convince Amy to trust him again, and accept he loves her. Then, caught up in a pre-emptive strike, her life is at risk. Dean must rescue Amy from certain death, making her his own, forever.

The Cowboy's Saving Grace by Emma Jay (Emma Jay). Bronc rider Liam Delaney has earned a place in the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas for the second time in his career. But before he rides, he wants to look up the woman he'd spent two weeks with, four years ago. Though she'd been a stripper, she'd seemed like so much more than that. They'd had fun together, and when he thought about his last visit to the finals, he thought about her. He's looking for a repeat. Grace Bertrand doesn't strip anymore, but she's still working at the same club when Liam walks in. She never thought she'd see him again once the rodeo left town, had banked on that. For some reason, he was the one man she couldn't forget. Now he's back, looking for the same kind of fun they had last time. Though she knows she should refuse, one look at him is all it takes. She's been alone too long, and he's just the cure for that loneliness. But after a night with him, she remembers she's not the person she used to be. The problem is, the person she is now is just as attracted to Liam as the old her. And she has no idea what to do about it.

Deceive Me in Ireland by Whitney K-E (Secret Cravings Publishing). Her cousin had warned her about the Irish charm and Cara had been foolish to ignore her. In Ireland to be Maid of Honour in Kate's wedding, Cara hasn't a clue that the handsome Irishman seated next to her on the plane is the infamous brother of her cousin's fiancé. And William O'Reilly doesn't plan on telling her either. Silver-tongued and devilishly handsome, William has Cara fighting a fierce attraction that threats to eliminate her prejudice towards him. Should she give him a chance or heed her cousin's warning?

Playing for Real by Natasha Moore (Samhain Publishing). Paolo Mancini's needs are simple: a committed relationship with a submissive who will let him love and care for her. But after a long, heartbreaking string of relationship failures, he's beginning to think the perfect woman for him simply doesn't exist. When Julianne Barnes steps into his playhouse for one night of bondage sex, she blows him away with her beauty, sass and bravery. She could be the one…if she will allow him to show her how to weave bondage and submission into her life. And hopefully, into his.

A Suitable Wife by Carol Burnside (B & R Bookery). Sam Moreland is desperate to keep his daughter out of the clutches of her abusive mother seeking custody. He resists legal advice to provide the court with a complete family unit because past relationships have soured him on love. Though she yearns for children, Rosie Baxter knows a failed pregnancy has likely left her barren. She remains single rather than bring her problems into a marriage and concentrates on her business with its financial woes. A temporary marriage pact means Rosie provides Sam with the illusion of family in return for an influx of cash into her store. But kisses for show become all too real. When outside threats shake their growing bond, each must trust the other with their darkest secret or lose their best chance for love and happiness.

Catching Red by Tara Quan (Liquid Silver Books). A unique twist on an old favorite, Catching Red is a post-apocalyptic thriller with a large dose of humor, several helpings of sex, and of course, a happily-ever-after. Book 2 of Tara Quan's urban fantasy series, Undead Fairy Tales, will keep you on the edge of your seat as our heroes hack their way through zombies, destroy an evil cult, and survive an undead world.

The Laird's Future Bride by Hazel Gower (JK Publishing). In book one of the MacLeod Clan: In a world where "different" can be a death sentence, Clan MacLeod is special. By protecting all paranormal people, in return they receive the ability to recognize their soul mate. Holly is on holiday in Scotland with plans of attending a Valentine's Day sixteenth-century period weekend party at the MacLeod castle. When she arrives, lightning surrounds her taking her back in time to the fifteen hundreds and face to face with Duncan MacLeod.

The following new releases were compiled by curator Joyce.

Haunting Blackie by Laurann Dohner (Ellora's Cave). Book 8 in the Cyborg Seduction series. It is advisable to read the books in order to get the most enjoyment from the series. Eve's mission is to rescue cyborgs from termination centers on Earth. She is blindsided by the overwhelming attraction that draws her to one of them. He's handsome, sexy, and she wants him, craves his touch as she has no other. She must send him to freedom but she makes him promise to wait for her. Blackie cannot forget the courageous woman who saved him. He never learned whether she died during the rebellion or just changed her mind about leaving with him but he holds her within his lonely heart. He exists to serve the Cyborg Council and protect the new world cyborgs have created. This changes when he discovers the woman who haunts his dreams is alive and the cyborg leaders left her behind to die. He'll never lose her again and he'll fight his own kind to avenge and keep her.

Wild Craving by Marisa Chenery (Forever More Publishing). Born a wolf able to take on human form, Kiel loves the freedom of the mountainous forests on his family's lands. But his life is about to change as the mate brand appears on his skin, which sets off a countdown. He has a short time to find and claim his mate before he loses his humanity for good. Expecting her to be a wolf shifter like him, a chance encounter with a human woman shows she's the one meant for him. As a model, Neha had seen a lot of good-looking men, but Kiel took her breath away at first sight, while his intoxicating scent had her body going into overdrive. Only passing through, circumstances happen that have her staying longer than she intended, and gives her the chance to let nature take its course. With time ticking away, Kiel takes steps to bind Neha to him, and gives in to his wild craving. Once claimed, he must keep his mate at his side or face a lifetime of loneliness.

The Wicked Rancher's Indecent Proposal by Jan Bowles (Siren Publishing). Carnal Sins 2. When Carly Wilson returns to Montana to bury her father, she takes over the running of her parents' ranch, little knowing that her father borrowed a significant sum of cash from the rancher next door. She is even more surprised to discover that the man who loaned her father the money is none other than Brett Sinclair, the very guy she had a crush on at high school. Brett has changed beyond all recognition, and is no longer the fun-loving individual he used to be. With the loan secured on her parents' farmstead, Brett demands sexual favors as payment in kind. Will Carly be forced to accept his indecent proposal?

You Can See Me by A.E. Via (Amira Press Publishing). Renowned Chef Prescott Vaughan was at the height of his career when a car accident leaves him completely blind. His fiancée leaves him in a state of desperation and depression. Prescott pines for love and happens to find it in his neighbor; male neighbor Dr. Rickson Edwards. Prescott never considered himself gay, but when Ric saves him, Prescott begins to view his rescuer differently. However, when Ric and Prescott have problems, Prescott seeks comfort from an escort but was unprepared for the sexy, southern, hotness that is Blair McKenzie. Prescott now has to choose between his two men…or does he?

Lynked by Bethany-Kris (Crimson Romance). When a fighter's path crosses with a beautiful woman, he's positive the meeting will only end in her leaving his penthouse with sex hair and a smile—until life and the law steps in, inevitably linking their futures forever.

Yearning's Samiel by Charlotte Boyett-Compo (Ellora's Cave). Book 14 in the Windverse series. Wrongly convicted of high treason, Kaizen Samiel has everything taken from him—his career, his freedom and the woman who is the center of his Megaverse. Condemned to a hell-hole prison in the frigid darkness of space, all he wants is revenge on the men who had him sent there and the woman who has forsaken him. When Capt. Kathleen McGregor's scout ship is attacked, the last face she expects to see on her vid-com screen is that of a man she's thought long dead. She has kept her love for Kaizen safely ensconced in her heart where no one can take him from her. Now, looking into his beloved face and seeing only hatred, vengeance and retaliation aimed directly at her turns her world upside down.

Lost and Found by Jane Leopold Quinn (Ellora's Cave). Hunky Marine Marc Rahn enlisted after his high school graduation to escape the pain of his parents' fatal car wreck. Now on leave after eight years and multiple Middle East deployments, he returns to his small hometown to put to rest his suspicions that the "accident" might actually have been anything but. What he doesn't expect is an intriguing flash of a pierced nipple from a new neighbor on move-in day. The breast's owner, Phoebe Barnes, is a beautiful young jazz singer who plans to make it big in the music business. Her early years in foster care made her hungry for attention and fame, and she's out to achieve both at almost any cost. Despite their differing paths, Marc and Phoebe quickly give in to the sizzling attraction between them. But will their passion turn deadly when the person who killed Marc's family decides two murders might not have been enough?

Double Feature by Erika Almond (Ellora's Cave). Steamy Love Scenes, Book Three. Josie's sexy ex Riley is back, this time with his heart (and other body parts) set on winning the only woman who could match his skill and desires in the bedroom. But when he discovers that even he, Wily Riley, isn't immune to heartbreak he has to figure out how to pick up the pieces again. Hot movie star Miles wants to convince Josie to be his leading lady with an elaborate claiming ritual guaranteed to get a triple-X rating. Secrets playing out behind the scenes could have Josie strutting the red carpet to true love—or falling back into the arms of the man who first rocked her world.

Passion of Sleepy Hollow by Lexi Post (Ellora's Cave). Recluse Braeden Van Brunt is not happy to be the Headless Horseman…until he meets Katrina Van Tassel, owner of the Sleepy Hollow Inn, whose allure bewitches him from the front desk into the bedroom. When he discovers Kat and the village of Sleepy Hollow are cursed to exist in the present day for only one weekend a year, he realizes the sacrifice he must make if he wants to keep her. Katrina Van Tassel lives between slivers of time. She thought she was through grieving her betrothed's death, but her dreams flare to life when his mirror image arrives, requesting a room. Drawn to Braeden, she's taken to more erotic heights of intimacy than she ever imagined, but she can't be sure if her heart is with him or the love from her past. Knowing he must conquer both time and ghosts to keep the only woman he's ever loved, Braeden must put the past to rest. But the dead may not rest in Sleepy Hollow.

Bitten & Defiant by Barbara Huffert (Ellora's Cave). Frankie's life is over. Her family is gone and she has nothing left but the desire for revenge against the person who destroyed everything. But to accomplish that she needs help. And who better to enlist than the hottest vampire around? Kellen doesn't know the woman who is stalking him, but he sure wants to—intimately. He's allowed her to watch him feed, something that simply isn't done. Even with all his senses heightened he still can't tap into her thoughts. Maybe after indulging their insatiable hunger for each other she'll loosen up enough to share her secrets.

Traveler's Kiss by Sherri L. King (Ellora's Cave). Horde Wars, Book Six. He walks between shadow and light, in the hesitations between thought and motion. Seen stars fade and moons break, witnessed supernovae and the birth of galaxies. He is Grimm The Traveler, no part of the universe barred to him—save one. The woman he desires…always just beyond reach. Raine was a prisoner of the Daemon Horde. Now free of their clutches, her mind is shattered, her powers exponentially grown but unpredictable. Her greatest fear is harming the only person who matters to her—Grimm. She'll do anything to protect him. Even make a deal with the devil. Lord Daemon isn't to be trusted but he's the only one capable of understanding Raine's unique abilities. To save her love and restore a universe in chaos, Raine must forge an alliance that will either end the Horde War forever or empower Lord Daemon with might immeasurable. Win it all. Or lose everything. Raine's always known there's no turning back from The Traveler's kiss.

Lovers of Her Dreams by Julia Talbot (Ellora's Cave). Savannah doesn't want to believe in magic, even when she knows it exists. So even though she keeps having incredibly sexy dreams about two beautiful men, she tries to ignore them. At least until she wakes up one morning with a new tattoo and no way to account for it. She turns to her hot neighbor Tim for help, since he knows a tattoo artist who might be able to explain. Tim and Ryder are more than buddies, though. They're the lovers who have been invading Savannah's dreams. Werewolf Ryder and dream walker Tim have wanted Savannah since she moved in next door. They desire her enough that Tim can't stay out of her dreams, and Ryder is marking her in their sleep. With their lust out of control, they need to find a way to help bring out Savannah's magical side, and draw her into their loving circle without driving her away.