Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Quarterback

So this is my new Sunday post. I will catch up on the past week and tell you about the plays that are coming up for this week.

We had a great week. Lots of viewers reading which is good.

I put up 9 reviews. I read a lot of short stories this week and comics. We had a guest post by author Alice Janell. Author Dave McDonald came by for an interview. We had book trailers, lots of great book news, my own pieces, free and discounted books, and new book releases. We also had a winner for one of my giveaways.

On top of all of that there was my also interview with Joelle Charbonneau. And of course, four book blitzes by authors in no particular order Ryan Ringbloom, Heather London, April Bostic, and K.D. Last.

I also remembered all of my days of the week themes (yeah me!) and although Saturday's was not up, it was just because I could not find anything funny enough for Silly Saturday.

I did not do as much reading as I wanted to but I started reading Friendship Cemetery by Adele Elliot, The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, Peaceful Genocide by J.A. Reynolds, and Untouchable by Alice Janell. I plan to keep reading these for this week because  they all hooked me right away.

The books I mentioned that I was reading last week I had put off to the side for now. I am going to try to get to some of them this week. I am very fickle and I change my mind a lot. Remember the television comparison? But I will go back to those books. One of the ones I want to read the most and I have the ARC of it is Ruby by Cynthia Bond.

So that is the game summary of the week.

This weeks playbook includes:

At least two more great interviews, a few more guest blogs, 6 book blasts with giveaways, and a cover reveal. Plus my regular daily "The Quote, The Review, The List". My themes for each day of the week accept poor Tuesday. I will figure something fun out. And of course I scour the book sites for goings on, new releases, charity, literary medals, upcoming events and signing in different cities in addition to  many other things.

Also I will write original pieces. I had a project to do for someone this week involving my blog and I realized I have not written a drabble in a long time so you may see some of those this week.

So that is the game plan for the week. I am on offense and defense. Ready to go! Enjoy reading my blog this week. If you have anything you want to talk about, just comment to the coach (me!).

Don't drop this pass!