Saturday, February 8, 2014

Something That Irks Me

I did an article on how to do a proper interview a few weeks ago. Mine always do well so I am doing something right. At that time I found out people were interviewing authors without reading the author's work first. But hey, none of my business.

Then I just found out yesterday a blogger that I like very much uses the SAME ten questions for every interview. You just cannot do that!

Each author and each book is separate and of itself and must be treated as such. I will tell you and my frequent readers probably know that I do ask two of the same questions each time and that is a. where do you prefer to write? and b. what is your must have snack food while writing. But I spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing to ask just the right question for my other 8-12 questions. And authors have commented to me in private that no one had ever asked such and such a question before. That makes me feel good. I am paying attention. All authors are welcome on my page and I will do my best if you want me to interview you without knowing your work. But in a case like that, a guest blog is better.

This goes back to the people that are just churning out reviews on short books and I think it is just to be noticed and not for any deeper reason. I could be totally wrong. But I was upset to see those same 10 questions. The reader is gyped, the author also is, and it just is not good interviewing.

So that is all I had to say. I am not saying my interviews are the best ever, but I really wonder what the author thinks when they see these ten questions. And the questions are not even original.

(gets off of soapbox).