Monday, February 3, 2014

Romance Authors Rec Reads To Heat Your Blood

by Joyce Lamb)

I know the song goes "starry, starry night," but all I can think of is "snowy, snowy night" with this pic. Sorry, Vincent.(Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

In the chill of the night, romance authors everywhere are beating the cold by letting their favorite romance fiction warm them up …

Kimberly Kincaid, author of Turn Up The Heat

Baby, it's cold outside ... but hot on my Kindle! Robin Covington's Sweet Southern Betrayal is sizzling up every screen with Teague and Risa's story. There's just enough suspense to keep me guessing, a repeat appearance of some of my favorite characters in the series, and plenty of hot chemistry to make me forget all the snow. I'm also hunkered down with Larissa Ione's Reaver. There's nothing like hot fallen angels and the battle between good and evil to keep me toasty warm.

Christi Barth, author of A Matchless Romance

Wool sweater, turtleneck, long-johns — none of those were enough to keep me warm during this week's deep freeze. But then I started reading Nalini Singh's Archangel's Kiss. Wow. The delayed gratification between Eleni and her archangel while she strengthens into her new angelic form is amazing. Their longing, their pent-up desire steams off every page. This book heated me from the inside out. And when they finally do the deed, it'll blast you right out from under the covers. Not to mention the utter brilliance and depth of the writing that will suck you deep into both their world and the whole Guild Hunter series.

Lina Gardiner, author of Gift of Prophecy

Jack Frost nipping at my ... nose. Curled up in front of my fake fireplace, transporting myself to places not so nippy: Nothing like Omens by Kelley Armstrong with a bad, bad boy and an unwitting heroine whose life has been turned upside down overnight. Next, one of my faves, Wilson Doherty's Dix Dodd series: The Case of the Flashing Fashion Queen. The witty humor, over-arching mystery and the oddball characters and situations warm me with enjoyment. Then, new to me, J.T. Ellison. Wow. How could I have missed her? 14 is dark, gritty and compelling. I could feel the cold and the nip at the crime scene, but then I delved deeper into Ellison's world and was lost to the story.

Heather Lire, author of Second Chance at Forever

When it's cold and snowing outside, there is nothing better than curling up under a blanket with a cup of tea and a great book. This snowstorm I'm curled up with a series, I say series because I can't stop at one. I just finished the first book and have moved on to book two in Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series. Faith and Vaughn have always been among my favorite characters. I love how one touch at a time Vaughn teaches Faith how to be in control of every part of her life, and how he warms her right up from a cold solitary life. I'm also re-reading one of my favorite romantic suspense books, Crazy HOT by Tara Janzen, and let me tell you, this book is crazy hot. Think hot sex on the hood of a muscle car whose engine is revving.

Angela Kay Austin, author of Rumer

I'm reading The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey. For some reason, the title of this book captured my attention. After the first 50 pages, I was hooked. There's nothing better than this book and a really hot bath. OK, maybe add a glass of wine. This coming-of-age story of the young heroine set against the backdrop of World War I is heartbreaking and inspiring. The young girl's spirit fights against all the sadness and loss around her and struggles to survive for herself, and to reunite the family she loves, misses, and needs. And she does all of this while dealing with the angst of leaving her childhood behind and becoming a woman. Isn't your first love hard enough? If I had to deal with the things this young girl did, I swear ... wow. She's an amazing character.

Judith Arnold, author of Dead Ball

It's bitter-cold outside, but I've got Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple burning up my e-reader right now. The story jumps from narrative scenes to emails to reports to letters to reminiscences. Plenty of action and plenty of laughs keep me warm, even if the characters take a trip to Antarctica along the way. It's been a delightful antidote to my last reading venture, The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker, an apocalyptic novel which, while gorgeously written, was utterly chilling. This winter, I want heat! And laughter!

Diana Cosby, author of His Enchantment

Another arctic blast is headed my way, and I've retaliated by pulling out the big guns — a smoking-hot favorite read, Inner Harbor, one of Nora Roberts' fabulous bad-boy Quinn Brothers! And, to savor the suspense of waiting for book No. 3 in this amazing series, I'll immerse myself in book No. 1, Sea Swept, then book No. 2, Rising Tides, until I delve into Inner Harbor! If for some reason, I end up snowbound, I will LOVE pulling out Blackout by Annie Solomon. There's always room for a fabulous fast-paced contemporary action adventure! Did I mention I'm stocked up on wine, cheese, and yummy snacks? Oh, yeah, I'm ready for the cold, bring it on!!!

Katherine Garbera, author of Bound by a Child

A Florida girl at heart I love the thought of snow and about 30 minutes playing in it before I'm freezing. I've been cuddled up reading my some of my old favorites, like Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Heaven, Texas. Something about Bobby Tom Denton keeps me from feeling the chill. :) I've also got a slew of new releases downloaded, including Nancy Robards Thompson's Celebrations Family and Cindy Kirk's A Sweetheart for Jude Fortune.

Nicola Marsh, author of Wanton Heat

Melbourne is melting. Seriously. And what better way to stay cool in a summer-long heat wave than relaxing poolside with some great books?

I've discovered some fab new-to-me authors recently. Jessica Pine's confronting NA novel Held kept me riveted to see how the heroine dealt with an abusive relationship.

Then there's Lani Diane Rich's heartwarming, humorous women fiction novels, A Little Ray of Sunshine and The Fortune Quilt. I devoured these books, they were that good.

I love characters that stay with me long after I've read the final page and both these authors brought their characters alive.

Barbara Wallace, author of Love in the Shadows

I just finished Winter at Mustang Ranch by Jesse Hayworth. It's a sweet love story that leaves you appreciating winter. When you're freezing — and it's freezing here in New England — it's easy to forget how beautiful snowy scenery can be. Plus, there's plenty of warm, family love and smart dialogue to make you forget how cold it is outside.

Sandy James, author of The Bottom Line (May)

Whenever I'm snowed in and getting cabin fever, something happening a lot now, I go for my keeper books — Hannah Howell's Murray series and Julie Garwood's historical romances. Indiana has been in the middle of the snowiest January in our history, and so far, my school corporation has had five snow days and innumerable delayed beginnings. Those frustrate me as a teacher, but the reader/writer in me is taking greedy advantage of that extra time! Howell's books are my favorite type of historical romance because they're set in medieval Scotland. Of the series, my favorite will always be Highland Bride. A feisty, intelligent heroine. A to-die-for hero. Makes for a great read every single time I pick it up. Garwood's Scottish stories are also near and dear to my heart. The Bride is my favorite because of the humor and heat. Definitely helps banish the chill!

Amelia James, author of Tell Me You Want Me

Outlander came out when I was in high school. Back then I judged things I knew nothing about. If it sounds like a sin, condemn it. Don't try to understand it. Adultery, even fictional adultery separated by centuries, was a sin. Bad book! So I never read it. A couple of decades and half a dozen trashy books of my own later, (much more sinful than anything Gabaldon ever wrote, I'm sure) the romance blogosphere started buzzing with the news of an Outlander TV series. I can't resist a man in a kilt. Jamie's melting the snow in Colorado.

Maggie Toussaint, author of Hot Water

Old Man Winter roared through coastal Georgia like a careless teenager, sending all of us indoors to wait until he slunk out of town. Luckily, my bookshelf and Kindle are packed to the brim with great entertainment. As it happens, I am right in the middle of re-reading Jayne Ann Krentz's Dream Eyes. I'm such a sucker for immediate physical attraction, paranormal abilities, and a murder to solve. I'm planning to dive into Diana Cosby's His Enchantment next. This is a keystone story in her historical Scottish series, explaining the stones and giving us another great tale. Books are my favorite way to travel.

Deborah O'Neill Cordes, author of Dragon Dawn

East Lies the Sun by Alla Crone. Experience the Siberian Death March with the heroine, Tanya, and I guarantee you'll never complain about the weather again! There are chills aplenty — and a wonderfully warm HEA — in this classic Russian Revolution romance. It's one of my favorite "cuddle up with a good book" reads.