Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review of "City of Solipsism" by Zack Love

This is short story I won on

It was funny and interesting. It was about a man who lives and works in New York City and rides the subway everyday. But today is different. He meets a woman. But not really.

His inner dialogue of all that is going on is so interesting. He sees a woman that he finds attractive. They are right next to each other standing. He thinks that she put her hand on the bar to hold on to that they shared in case they bumped and his hand would slip onto hers. He thinks the magazine she is reading is being held a little out for his view too. He wants to talk to her but cannot seem too. As the stops go by, he remembers a woman who, when he was traveling in Europe, gave his train car seat to and they wound up dating. He was hoping this would be the case here also.

Stop by stop went by and she did not get off. Was she stalking him? He did not want her to think he was stalking her that is for sure.

They both got off at the same stop and headed in the same direction.

And what happens next you won't believe.

This hits it pretty much on the nose if you ever took a train or subway. Is that cute girl/guy looking at me? When you are all shoved in like sardines, is that the best time to strike up some conversation? This author knows about New York and this was a great short story.

At the end of the book is an excerpt from Zack's book Sex in the Title. I loved the excerpt and would buy that book.