Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Musings

So here we are at another Monday. And the first Monday of February. I am in New Jersey so we are getting buried under snow.There was still a lot of snow on the ground too. I know a lot of people hate the cold and the snow but my husband and I love it. My husband works in law enforcement so he got called in to work as we though he would. But we talked about it, like we always do, and decided that I wanted him home and since we won a little money on the Superbowl, he could afford to stay home.

On my "The Quote, The Review, The List" I put down "Books About Snow" for lists. Over 800 books. I am sure a lot are children's books. I am going to check into that better later. It reminds me of one of my best drabbles I wrote about a snowflake.

As far as books go, today is a great day to cuddle up with your favorite book and have some coffee or chai tea (my new obsession if you remember). But because of how sick I have been, my husband and I have not really enjoyed the snow in years. So first I am going to get bundled up and he wants me to try the snow blower I brought him two years ago. Boy was I excited that I had enough money to buy him that. I hated to see him do all the shoveling while our neighbors had snow blowers and were done quickly. They did do ours a few times. We have nice neighbors. Anyway this was the first year he got to use the snowblower and loves it. Last year it snowed but our neighbor did our side walk and driveway so this was, again, really the first year he got to use it. Then we planned a short walk in the daylight, and our favorite, a walk in the snow in the dark. Walking in the dark in the snow is great. The snow lights everything up and it is so quiet. It is for lovers.

But I missed reading yesterday. Especially since the Superbowl was basically over at halftime. Poor Manning. I don't hate Seattle. They never won a Superbowl so I am happy for them. But I wanted to see Peyton Manning get two Superbowl rings from two different teams.

But back to books. I read so much I miss them when I do not have a day to read. I think my husband will give me time to read but I do not want to waste a day of him home. I read, and he is on the computer a lot of times. He loves to look up local things and historical things. But I found out one thing the other weeks which shocked me and I had to wait with bated breath to tell you all.

He is reading online.

Yep. My husband, the guy who read Where The Wild Things Are and that is his favorite and maybe only book he ever read. It is his family. He does not come from a family of readers. They can all read but he was never encouraged to read like I was. I feel bad for him.

But back to my discovery. I went down to ask him a question and I see an open book on the computer. I said in shock "Are you reading a book?". He said he was. He explained it was I believe the history about our town but it was a book online. I got so excited I told him I would load Kindle for PC on his computer and he said not yet. I jumped the gun. But my heart did a little dance. Maybe he will finally start to enjoy reading and I would love that. He will never read like I do but it will be something that we can share. We have been married for 13 years and now we can share this too.

So today I will be snowblowing as much as I can, reading, blogging, walking in the snow, and spending some awesome quality time with my hubby.

It is a good Monday.

Now the day my husband and I read the same book, it will be awesome. Come to think of it, I did buy him the "Weird New Jersey" books and he read them and so did I. Isn't that funny I just remembered that. So we have read a book together. But I want to do more and talk about it more. In the book clubs I am in I never seem to be reading or get to read what they are reading because of commitments or my own restlessness and switching up the books I am reading. I know The Rosie Project is a read in one of the groups and I already started it so I am really excited. I have been waiting to talk about a book with someone. I just change my mind so much about books. I did start a buddy read once but my friend could not help himself and read the whole book and he knew I was halfway through. I was waiting for him to catch up. Then I got a message that he liked it so much he kept reading and finished it. Well now we both have to wait for the third part of the series so maybe we can get on track with that.

So I hope to read more Rosie today. No one is doing much in our town. Too much snow.

And I know my uncle is out in WY laughing.