Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Have To Say This....

I am so happy. I know sometimes I border on badgering my readers to enter the book giveaways. It is just because I want you to enjoy a good book and take advantage of a free book! You cannot judge a book by it's cover of course. And I know that these book are in SOMEONE'S genre! I do my best to sign up with tour groups that do multiple genres but romance and YA are very popular as you know so we get a lot of them. And I can only read so many books for tours. As of now, all of my giveaways have entries and I am thrilled. I hope more of you will enter especially Chasing Prophecy by James Moser because of the six copies being given away plus the two gift certificates. I am going to start reading that today I cannot take the hype anymore! I will keep you posted.

Thank you for supporting me and my blog. I really appreciate it.

Please leave comments so I can tailor my blog even more for you. I am willing to try anything! :)