Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just wanted to wish my readers a Happy Valentine's Day. If you celebrate, I hope in areas where there is bad weather does not mess up any plans you have. And I hope everyone has someone to love. I used to give my mom Valentine's Day cards. Don't buy into the media and hype around this holiday. Unless you are into it.

If you are alone, and I am so mad at myself, there is PLENTY of other people who are also alone today. You can grab a button that says "Singe and Proud" and I am going to go back over my websites to try to find it. If you don't care - that is awesome. If you are sad, don't be. Everyone is meant to be with someone. I gave up on dating four months before I met my husband. I went nowhere. Did nothing accept cross stitch. I had given up with all the bad relationships I had.

So it is not much but I want to let you know that I care. I may not know you personally but I care. If you want to write to me, if you are happy or sad, you can at

Now for my Valentine's Day. We do not celebrate. But I did find a card, expensive, hand done and could not help it because it also involved Star Wars. So I just woke up (still not feeling well, can't get to the doctor) and gave my husband the card. There is a picture of like a, if you put a template down and spray painted over it, it is black and white and it is Han Solo. When you open it it says "Today this Han does not want you to fly Solo. Happy Valentine's Day". He loved it and was surprised. Then he said we were not supposed to do anything I told him that was a collectible, which it is (I did not sign it even). He knows me so well he went to Dunkin Donuts and got my coffee and this new stuff from the Sunnymart caleed Chocolate Chip Brittle. He knows it is my new favorite snack. So that is my Valentine's Day.

So that is my Valentine's Day post. The day is half over I am going to send roses to my friends from an app I found last night and try to wish all my friends a Happy Valentine's Day because I love all of my friends.

Have a great day!