Monday, February 10, 2014


There should be more giveaways this week. And a lot will be ending. Here is how the giveaways stand now.

You all have only ONE DAY left to enter (and there are not many entries) for the following giveaways:

1 e-book of your choice by Alessandra Torres.

1 e-book book 1 AND 2 of the Almost Bad Boys series by Angela Orlowski-Peart

So get into those giveaways soon!

You have only TWO DAYS left to win a copy (to two different readers) of Hamster S.A.M. odd-Ventures in Space by Dave McDonald. He did an interview with me and was nice enough to offer these books for you. No one has entered. I am sure some adults (like me) would really enjoy this children's book, or you have children or nieces and nephews that would love it. It is really well done and cute and informative in a fun way.

You have THREE DAYS to enter the Lifers by Jane Harvey-Berrick. There is only one entry.

And you have FOUR DAYS to enter the giveaway for FIVE copies to five different people of The Weight of a Feather by Judy Croome.

I have already told you the genres they all fall into and they are all in different genres so it is a good mix.

I hate to badger you all lol! I just do not get it I guess. For me, entering a contest is a lot of fun, especially when a book is involved. I have had two winners twice on my blog because they take a chance. So far everyone has been happy with their books. So please think about it. It does not take long and I always put a free entry in. I understand you do not maybe want to follow the author but to tweet the giveaway to me is not a big deal. And again there is always a question and a free entry. So give it a shot. It may turn out you will win a future favorite book of yours!