Saturday, February 15, 2014

Giveaway Coming!

First of all I want to thank everyone for entering my giveaways (mostly) withou to much prodding lol! That makes me so happy!

I just got word today, a famous author is going to be offering up SIX copies of a book from one of their series. We are still talking back and forth so please be on the lokout for that.

I love that I have had some very generous authors to give their books away. They do not have to and they are not making money on that. This tells me that they truly love what they do and want everyone to enjoy what they have created.

So I will be posting the information over the weekend.

I also have two blitzes that I wanted to have up at midnight but because of my stupid router, I can not access the information. So I am going to get readay to knock down Best Buy's door any moment because I cannot live without the information in my laptop! I need a Geeks on Site checkup on it also to make sure I do not crash. That would not be good for anyone. Especially anyone within screaming distance.

As long as I run this blog, I will sign up for tours not only to read some great books but to be able to offer you some great and free books as well. The tours, if you are a blogger, can be a lot of work. If you do it right it is a lot of work. Photos and making sure the links are correct (I have found mistakes before). Some bloggers choose to put up the bare minimum and not very neatly, no pictures or anything and that is their business. Now that I have word I hope you enjoy the excerpts I am able to bring you now. If not, please comment.

Okay I have to get ready to go. Maybe they will have a sale! That would be great.

I will be back but I wish everyone a great weekend!