Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fantasy Friday!

Fantasy Friday is here again. And boy do I have some things to say.

If you remember from last week, because of the blitz I did for the book, I became interested in Untouchable by Alice Janell. It is really a great read so far. It is about the daughter of Jack Frost, Aneira Frost. She was born into Everwinter where there are all types of courts. Courts have issues and problems with other courts and your allegiance can only be to one. And power is like currency. Although Aneira is known as a great thief and everyone goes to her if they want something stolen, they believe she inherited her magic from her father. The truth is she is just a really good thief. She has no powers of her own. In fact her mother wanted her banned from the castle but her father took care of her.

She has just had a run in with Rattagan, ie Krampus. He wants her to steal something in Poel, a place he is not allowed. A place even hard to get into for Aneira. But she wants an Isa stone and Rattagan is the only one that can give her one. So she gets her stone but if she does not steal the item Rattagan wants in two days, she will be killed. Rattagan is mean and ugly.

However the Isa stone is beautiful and it is supposed to make your powers stronger so she is hoping, with all hope, that she has an ounce of power that will make the stone of value to her.

So she is on her way, by magic sleigh (driven by one of her court) to Poel. This is where the item that Rattagan wants is. And he is not allowed there or he would be killed.

When Aneira arrives it is very chaotic and easy for her to pass by everyone and run up the staircase and go down a hall to start checking doors.

And that is where I am at.

So I read my 5 chapters and hope to read 5 more today. Or more! Five seems to be a great number as far as most novels are concerned.

Anyway I am only, as I said, five chapters in but it is such a good fairy tale so far. I suggest you pick it up.

My fantasy is that we get more and more snow! I love it.

My other fantasy is that this is my mother and my husbands greatest birthdays ever this year. Both of their birthdays are in February.

And winning the lottery is still on the list. :)