Thursday, February 13, 2014

Extra Book Bits

by Linday Deutsch)

RIP Maggie Estep: Maggie Estep, the New York-based "writer-poet-performance artist and all-around cool person," who published seven novels and two spoken-word CDs, has died at 50, reports Estep became popular in the early '90s and was featured on MTV's "Unplugged" program.

'Eye Candy': MTV is producing a scripted drama based on R.L. Stine's best-selling online dating thriller Eye Candy, to star Victoria Justice and directed by Twilight's Catherine Jardwicke, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Real science fiction: NASA is partnering with novelists for a new series called NASA-Inspired Works of Fiction, which the Wall Street Journal reports grew out of collaboration between NASA and publisher Tor, and will help writers develop plots that are technical and feasibly accurate.

The Netflix effect: Binge-watching has led to binge-reading, Julie Bosman reports in The New York Times -- or at least that's how the publishing industry is reflecting the change in entertainment consumption habits by publishing sequels in a more "rapid-fire" succession than has been the past strategy.

The Golden Hatchet: AA Gill has won the annual Hatchet Job of the Year award for his take-down review of Morrissey's Autobiography that appeared in The Sunday Times. The panel of judges called the review an "expert caning." You can read the entire 1,200-word review at The Omnivore.

Some Valentine: Friday marks Valentine's Day, the year's culmination of roses, chocolates and cynicism, and as such USA TODAY's Sharon Jayson interviews Noel Biderman, founder of the 12-year-old adultery website His new self-published book, Adultropology, is "a study of the cheating mind."