Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today's Hundred Word Fiction


So I was searching my usual websites looking for interesting book news and I found my friend and author Michael Brookes was on this site with a drabble! So I want to share it with you. I love the fact that I recognize an author that I know somewhere besides bookreads or the author's blog. This was a cool surprise. By the way it is my Michael Brookes who you should all know. I have reviewed his work and interviewed him. Look back in the archives if you are not familiar. It looks like I am not the only won stuck on drabbles!

Tales of the Imp - The Imp's Christmas Carol
by Michael Brookes

“I am the ghost of Christmas past,” the Imp said and I remembered all too many lonely Christmas days without turkey or gifts.

He nodded, “And now your Christmas present.” My mind passed over the guilt of the murder and settled on the joy of more money and respect in the office.

“I have brought you the good life and now see your Christmas future.” He promised me everything, my book would sell millions, I would marry a lovely woman and all it would cost me is my soul, what every imp wants for Christmas.

I agreed.

Wait a minute!

*Blogger's note: I added the image. It was not in the original article.