Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Surprises and Thank Yous

Dear Readers,

I just want you to know I got more than 400 views today so far on this blog. I usually get somewhere between 100 to 300. I work hard on my blog as I have told you before so I can bring you a blog that is what you want to read. I pay attention to the posts with the most views and try to bring you more of the same. You know I cover it all for you. I have said it before but this is YOUR blog.

You also know I love my authors and love supporting my Indie authors. I love bringing you reviews of books, interviews with authors (and some were surprised I wrote to ask them to do an interview, but like I tell them - I have questions!) Authors know they can count on me to promote their works as if they were my own. This blog is for the authors too.

So this is a wonderful way to end the year for me and if this is an indication of what is in store for the new year, I am tickled Pink.

On a separate note, I got a notice that I had a Kindle book gift waiting for me from someone secret. The book is "Cliffwood - A Liam Mulligan Novel" by Bruce DaSilva. I don't know who my secret reading buddy is but you made my day. I do not know if you are a journal reader or not. But if so, Thank you very much.

So for the rest of today I have two reviews coming out, hopefully an interview, and lots of your favorite things.

Thank you again my readers for all of your support. I have a lot of new ideas for 2014 and a lot of surprises in store. As I always leave off with - please take time to comment. I adore hearing from all of you and will answer you back.

I wish I had a picture to put up but I do not know my new phone well enough yet. I owe you all a Happy picture!!

All of my love and blessings for the New Year,