Sunday, December 29, 2013

Event: Book'd in Burbank 2014


Company parties, subpar eggnog, mindless chatter - for bibliophiles, it can be hard to get into the "holiday swing" of smalltalk and strangers. Thankfully, Liz D. Publicity & Promotions is throwing the proper sort of celebration to start off the new year for book-lovers across the LA area: Book'd in Burbank.

This second season of literary events will feature author readings, bookish basket giveaways from awesome sponsors like Scrabble Babble Boutique, and reader-writer mingling sessions where wordies can have some real conversations about all that action between the book covers.

Book'd in Burbank 2014 is kicking off on Thursday, January 16th with a full evening of events at Theatre Banshee. Check out the pics and links for more information!



Theater: Banshee

*Blogger's note: I hope you live in the area and can go. This is I believe the second event I have posted. The last one was I think in the mid-west but maybe you do not know all of the book events in your area. I will be honest I do not know everything going on in New Jersey. I hope if you are close by and this is not expensive you can go. Let me know if you do I would love to hear about it.