Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Insanity" Giveaway over

The Insanity by Cameron Chase ebook giveaway was over last night at midnight. I was sleeping. I will be announcing the winner later today or tomorrow at the very latest. Sorry to keep you in suspense I am busy with some other things.

So sit tight and come back and look for your name here!!

Also there are only four days left in the other Insanity giveaway, the tour wide one. There are 23,000 plus entries because of the Kindle. But make sure you get your entries in. Anyone can win. I recently found out that a book I won, only three copies were given away, and hundreds of people entered and it is a beautiful hardcover book. So there is always a chance.

On January 2, be on the lookout for my next Book Blitz. There will be a giveaway. I know you will like it. And through the whole month I am doing tours that all have giveaways. So come back to see what you can win. READ AND WIN!!