Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Family Knew What To Get Me For Christmas This Year

I normally get great gifts for Christmas. And this year was no different. But what was my favorite two gifts were two separate gift certificates to Barnes & Noble. I saw that and went "YIPEE!". My family knows I can read this year and has been supportive and it carried into Christmas. My husband had a great suggestion. Since I already have so many books I have won that are sitting on my shelf (and on the floor and in drawers) and in my Kindle, he suggested I wait until the summer when the summer books are released and then I should be done with what I have but if not, I can buy the new books that will be coming out when I probably will not be thinking of putting money aside for books. Now you see why I love him?

On a bad note, I did not hear about the problem UPS was having. I had Christmas books I was promised to be delivered on December 24th. They still have not come. However I have more than one aol account and I rarely check the one that Amazon is connected to. I need to see when my books are going to get here. They are definitely going to be put away for next year.

I have a feeling this is no passing fancy or some thing that I get obsessed with and quit. So I think next year I will be getting books outright (I told my husband about my Elfster account) or more gift certificates. Either way I will be happy.