Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Forth Challenge for 2014

Those of you that read my blog know that I have a few challenges for myself of books I am going to read in 2014.

Challenge 1: Read the top 10 horror books as voted by goodreads.com horror book group.

Challenge 2: A-Z list with titles picked by me and with some suggestions by friends and authors.

Challenge 3- A-Z list with titles completely chosen only by friends, blog readers, and authors.

Today, as I was working on a blog entry, I liked the article I read and wanted to read the book. Then it occurred to me. I do the "THE QUOTE, THE REVIEW, THE LIST" everyday and not to mention I read tons of reviews on books or at least hear some buzz about them. So I am not going to go back and check all of my daily reviews, but from today on, 28 books will be devoted to a book I like in my daily review (usually from Kirkus) and any book I happen to find interesting in an article.

So that brings me up to 90 book. My goal for the year is 100 books and although I read 59 in tow and a half months, I am not going to change it. If I am very ahead around June, I will change it.

So if you do the math, that leaves 10 books on a list. And usually there are 10 books on a list. So I will announce the last 10 that I will be reading soon. Again, if you have a list of books, let me know and I will, yes, I will make this a reader challenge. You comment here and give me the link of a list of 10 books and I will read them. No questions asked.

By the way, the book that made this decision for me was reading about how "Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children" came to be on my list.