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Indie Edge January 2014: Kevin O’Neill


Kevin O'Neill

Kevin O'Neill began his career as an office boy on British Comics. After working on a variety of titles as an editorial art assistant and colorist, in 1976 he helped with the development of seminal title 2000AD (home of Judge Dredd). His freelance career includes work on Ro-Busters, Nemesis the Warlock and Marshall Law with Pat Mills. His most recent work has been on the Nemo (DEC121247, new JAN14 solicit) series and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (MAY130257) with Alan Moore. Kevin lives in London… with his demons.

Kevin O’Neill, what is your Favorite Project of the last decade?

I am amazed that for more than fifteen years I have been devoted to tales of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, amazed because it would have concluded after two volumes, but we had ambitions for a far larger undertaking. It has now grown to be the biggest project of my career. Other than League/Nemo in the last ten years, I've really only had time to work on the wonderful (and much missed) Dodgem Logic magazine. Alan Moore gave me a free hand to do as I pleased and it was a very liberating experience! My favourite League episode would be hard to choose as each one feeds into the next like a giant jigsaw…

Kevin O’Neill, what are you currently working on?

Right now Alan Moore's script for Nemo: River of Ghosts is on my drawing board. It is the final book in the League/Nemo trilogy and takes place mostly in 1975. Other than saying that it has a South American setting, it would be premature to add more. I still get as much, if not more, pleasure from the work as I did at the start of my career and look forward to each book as a challenge. Last year DC published a splendid hardback Marshal Law (DEC120334) collection and Rebellion did a color Nemesis the Warlock hardback. This year our work on League/Century is collected as a hardcover by Knockabout/Top Shelf. Producing the finished product with the brilliant colourist Ben Dimagmaliw and top letterer Todd Klein has been a delight! When I began in comics, hardly any material was collected together let alone kept in print; now an entire library range of comic books old and new are available — incredible!

What fun indie comics are you reading?

Occupy Comics (SEP130979) deserves all the attention they can get. I love the superb Craig Yoe! collections, especially the Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein (JUN100384) books, and I “big-up” that material — both humor and horror — to anyone that will listen! Gilbert Shelton's Wonder Wart-Hog (OCT131228) has been gathered in a very smart collection and Karrie Fransman's The House That Groaned is a gem.

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