Saturday, March 15, 2014

Your LOL Read of the Day: 'Goodnight Moon' Parody Pokes Fun at, Well, You

by Jessica Dukes)

In 2012, Jen Nessel and Lizzy Ratner's poem “Goodnight Nanny-Cam” was featured in the New Yorker, where it became one of the most-read pieces in the magazine and was liked more than 15,000 times on Facebook.

Realizing they were on to something, Nessel and Ratner decided to showcase their work in book form, and teamed up with Plume (a division of Penguin), to publish "Goodnight Nanny-Cam: A Parody for Modern Parents" last month.

If you’ve ever been sucked in by baby Mozart CDs, organic baby wipes, or high-contrast black-and-white decorations, you’ll recognize some of the features in this little monkey’s room. Is it so funny because it’s true? We have to confess, it is. Take a look at some of the pages below, and see for yourself.

Jessica Dukes is a working mom of two. Follow her on Google+ and Pinterest.

All photos taken by Jen Nessel and Lizzy Ratner / PLUME / Penguin Group