Saturday, March 15, 2014

Something I Read Yesterday

As I was searching around the web yesterday for book news and information, I found an article about a new YA book. In the comments section a man said that he loved the book but he reads a lot of YA and often wonders if he should not be reading that but setting the bar higher and reading more "grown up" books.

This was a tough one for me to digest. I am not a fan of YA as you know. However the few that I have read that I liked made me feel like I was back in High School. I felt like they were a quick and easy read and this was like a book break for me. And that does not have to mean it is bad, but I believe at my age I should not be reading books a high schooler  is reading. So do we read a few YA books? If that is your thing, who is anyone in this free country to take away your pleasure? And maybe the people that read all adult books should read a few YA books!

I felt bad for this man. I wanted to tell him it was okay to read what he wanted. Maybe he has friends that judge him. Or maybe he was just judging himself. I think as long as you are connected, and by that I mean in goodreads or a similar site, you can read any book you want and you will, undoubtedly find someone that likes that book also. And isn't that why we read? For our pleasure and to hopefully share our enjoyment of the books we read with others. I read for myself and when I found goodreads it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

So what do you read? What do you prefer? I think it is hard to for two reasons. One is that there is so much YA out it is hard to avoid. Also I think maybe people in their  30s and 40s want to feel younger. Maybe the YA books help them feel that. Like I already stated, the YA books I read made me feel like I was back in High School.

I think the best and most important thing is that people are reading. I think, although I did not originally, that ereaders are great also. However people can read a book, let them read. Some people cannot read. Some places do not have big libraries close by. And other countries do not have books like we do. You have read the book news about banning books and things of that nature.

So I think my final thought is to read whatever you want and whatever makes you happy. Do not let what is popular dictate what you read and do not let others dictate what you read. Pick your own book, no matter what it may be, and just be happy and read!