Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New York City Is A Wasteland

The above sentence is why I do not like YA books. They all start like that. I have expressed my displeasure for some YA books that were bad that I could not finish but also expressed surprise in some YA books that I did finish and loved. But I had to read them they were tour books. However back to the subject.

Everything is a wasteland. That makes me not want to read it. Maybe it is a bright spot or a draw for some people, just not me. And that brings me back to blurbs. There are so many ways to do a blurb. Even an excerpt might be better than the typical wasteland.

I am sure my YA lovers will say something like "All romance novels start like" and that may be true. It is just with the tours I do, so many of the books are YA. Why do I stay? I already addressed this in a blog last week. However I just gave up two books to read today because of the above sentence.

I do have a few different tour groups that I deal with. You can see their buttons below. I am sure they are not going to turn down money. So since YA is so popular now, I understand. I just wait for that eventual horror or maybe mystery book to come along. And happy when it does.

ps - everyone is infected too. Just fyi. Do not know with what. Just infected.