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Rec'd Romances: 'Bad Boy Seduction,' 'The Replacement Wife'

by Michelle Monkou)

(Photo: Kensington Books)

Bad Boy Seduction by Zuri Day

Zuri Day continues the third installment in the Morgan Men series with Bad Boy Seduction. Ever since Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard movie, the client and bodyguard-protector scenario is permanently etched in my fave romantic trope. Add Bad Boy Seduction to one more reason to root for this perfect union.

The real deal isn't the ending. We know it's an HEA story. No, this is one epic journey between sexy, hot deliciousness who walks with a bold style and appeal facing off against a feisty, sultry, songstress in her killer heels. Fireworks are bound to occur. Thanks to Day's handling of snappy dialogue, this power couple light up the page like a 100-megawatt bulb with a good dose of realism and wonderful romantic intention.

Again, with the major contribution of Day's skillful writing, the plot never dulls. You step into this drama with the feeling of being one of the entourage, living it and enjoying the view. From beginning to end, the connection is made between author and reader. When the story ended, there was nothing left but to sigh happily with a thought of "job well done."

Here's the cover blurb (courtesy of Kensington):

Troy Morgan is at the top of his game in this sexy tale of love, danger--and the one woman who may finally tempt him to change his single status ...

Groomed for success, gorgeous Gabriella Stone is now a #1 pop sensation. She's also her controlling daddy's princess, and when she marries it will be to a man who can expand her empire, not some ordinary guy. Of course, Troy Morgan, founder of Morgan Security, is far from ordinary. Papa Stone just doesn't know it yet ...

When it comes to guarding the country's VIPs, Troy Morgan is the man. But when he's hired to protect Gabriella, her father makes it clear he won't be her man--no matter how hot their attraction. With her future on the line, will Gabriella risk it all to go from being daddy's little girl to Troy's one and only woman?

"The Replacement Wife" by Tiffany L. Warren.(Photo: Kensington Books)

The Replacement Wife by Tiffany L. Warren

Tiffany L. Warren packs a lot of life lessons in the pages of The Replacement Wife. The good thing is that you don't realize that there is an instructive part to the story, a credit to Warren's cozy storytelling style.

It's time to pull up a chair and let me tell you about a woman named Chloe and a man named Quentin. Are you good and comfortable? Then let me tell you about Montana and Quentin. Let's not forget about Deidre and Moe or Reese and Maria — all are cautionary tales. And, ultimately, this is the story about their personal relationship with God and His church.

Highly entertaining. Captivating and compelling. Great book-club option.

Here's the cover blurb (courtesy of Kensington):

Five years after his beloved wife's death, wealthy Quentin Chambers still hasn't returned to the church or his music ministry. Even his home is now devoid of music, and without his attention, Quentin's five children are getting out of control—until his mother steps in and hires him a live-in nanny. Montana is pretty, compassionate, church-going, and even has a beautiful singing voice. The children take to her right away, and soon enough Quentin finds his heart opening to faith—and love—once more. But not everyone loves Montana ...

A "friend" of Quentin's first wife, Chloe has been scheming to become the next Mrs. Chambers since the funeral. Chloe is convinced she's just one seduction away from a marriage proposal. Now she'll do whatever it takes to get rid of Montana—including blackmail, theft—and digging up a troublemaking man from Montana's past. But Chloe forgets she's got secrets of her own, and the tables may turn with a twist she never sees coming ...

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