Saturday, March 1, 2014

Reader Information

I am sure you have noticed my blogging has been scattered and not the usual volume. I have shared with you before that I have MS and it has been acting up very bad this week. I have been trying very hard to keep up my blog and my blitzes and cover reveals which I have a lot of but all am doing is sleeping and having migraines. If you do not know, Multiple Sclerosis main complaint is fatigue. There is a medicine I can take that sometimes helps, it is hit or miss, but I am out and do not see the doctor until Monday and if any of you are on the east coast you know we are supposed to have a lot of snow. This is a script that may not be able to be called in.

I miss you all very much. I miss my blog. I just am sleeping and that is about it. It is very stressful. I hope you keep checking back and you understand that I cannot help this and am very upset about the whole situation. My blog and my readers are very important to me. I hope to get a few things up today. It is just tough. I sleep 12 hours and wake up tired. My whole body is sore.

Any winners of contests will be handled and there was an issue with the Dave McDonald giveaway so I need to talk to those winners. I know you are frequent readers so instead of for now writing you individually, I thought I would just let you know here.

Again thank you for your understanding and support. I do not know why I am flaring up. It has been a long time since I had a flare up this bad.

Please do not give up on me. My blog will be back and I hope it is no later than Monday or Tuesday. (The doctor is far away, over an hour drive).

Please feel free to leave comments I may check.

Thank you very much.

All my love and blessings to you all.