Thursday, March 13, 2014

Does Erotic Romance Complete you? Get New Releases Here

by Joyce Lamb)

Here are some newer erotic romance and eroticas, compiled for you and HEA by some of our favorite authors (info provided by publishers and/or their websites):

Complete Me by Catherine Peace (Decadent Publishing). After a five-year dating hiatus, romance author Claire Ergleston is set up on a 1Night Stand date 'to give her something to talk about in interviews.' Apparently, her books aren't enough. Former rock star Ty Krause signs up for 1Night Stand, thinking that a night of no-strings-attached sex will help him break the leash of his past—and help him forget the girl who broke his heart. From the moment Claire and Ty meet, sparks fly—but can they overcome their pasts or will their potential love story end on a sour note?

His Bahamas Affair by Christina OW (Secret Cravings Publishing). After his joke of a marriage came to an end when his wife ran off with a guest from his resort, Reno Albury decides one night stands are more his speed- especially if they were blonde and blue eyed like his ex-wife. So he was jaded, at least he was having fun, Until he met a blonde and blue eyed girl at his sister's wedding he couldn't play the fast game with. Loraine Larson has a secret that nobody knows thanks to her father's money and high powered friends. She's spent years trying to forget the hell she went through in Paris. But she discovers a shield for that in the arms of her best friend's brother, and now she's determined to stay in them no matter the cost. Even if it means her life.

Fear of My Desires by Germaine Gibson (Germaine Gibson) Part 2 of the Karolina Diaries. Part 1 dealt with Karolina growing up, learning her 'trade' through various pimps and perps, finally meeting Mistress Rose and then the man she calls Mr Cap Estel (from the hotel where they met). Now in Part 2 -Her husband – Mark has finally come back into her life, bringing a man called Morgan who sparks uncontrollable fear and desire in the normally 'in control' Karolina. And when Mark gets out of control there appears Ross valentine and of course her old friend Ballantine – but can she really go on, now she has seen her wildest desires over take her?

Double-Team Her by Titania Ladley (Ellora's Cave). Miami cop Frank Lyons has moved on with his life yet he continues to harbor a secret addiction to his ex-wife Jazmine, the sexiest and most sought-after stripper in the city. To appease his obsession, he's nabbed a new girlfriend, stunning and lusty Giovanna. When Gio reveals her fantasy of being double-teamed by Frank and another woman, who else to seek out for the hot ménage but Jazmine? Yet Gio and Jaz don't expect their attraction to one another to be so strong, and Frank doesn't expect to be swept up in the kinky whirlwind the two sex kittens put him through.

Saving Grace by Avery Gale (JK Publishing). In book two of Masters of the Prairie Winds Club: When Gracie comes to Micah Drake's attention he believes he has just met the woman he and his best friend Jax McDonald have been looking for—even though the curvy Latin bombshell is nothing like any other woman they have ever shared, he knows she is perfect for them. Gracie is on the run and when her past catches up with her it takes the entire Prairie Winds Club security team, plus one very unlikely ally to keep her safe.

Her Keepers by Hazel Gower (JK Publishing). In book one of the Peacekeepers: On an American holiday with her best friend, Karen never dreamed she would meet not one, but two hunky men, who are convinced they are polar bears and she's their mate. Brad and Duncan are two-hundred-year-old polar bear shifters. They are Peacekeepers, created by the gods to keep the peace between paranormal beings. They're stronger, they heal faster, and all their senses are better than any other paranormal being, to help them keep the peace. But Peacekeeping is a dangerous job, so to help lessen the dangers, they work in pairs and mate in triads. Duncan and Brad have just found their mate, Karen. Now all they have to do is convince her to stay with them and keep her safe. Will Duncan and Brad be able to convince Karen to stay, or will having two men be too much, sending her running back to her homeland?

Cowboy Truth (The Cowboy Justice Association) by Olivia Jaymes (Blonde Ambition Press). Sheriff Logan Wright might be the sexiest bad boy Ava Hayworth has ever seen but she's not interested in the least. He can have every other woman in town and probably already has. All she wants is to help him solve the murder of a prominent local citizen by a mysterious vigilante serial killer. A fling with a smokin' hot cowboy cop isn't in her plans. Logan doesn't need a mystery writer, who thinks she's a detective, trailing after him while he tries to do his job. She's smart and cute, but he doesn't want her to get hurt. By him or the investigation. He enjoys the pleasures of women - many women - and that's not going to change. Everything Logan wants, but never thought he could have, is within his grasp. With the help of Ava and his friends, he's going to have to fight the past if he wants any kind of a future.

Goddess of the Hunt (Covert Passions) by Becky Flade (Decadent Publishing). CIA covert operative Paige Aster, code name Diana, expects danger and welcomes passion on each mission. She discovers new heights of both with MI-6 agent Eoin Fitzpatrick as they work undercover together in Dublin, Ireland. Paige burns for Eoin but will he leave her burned? Lust can compromise even the best spy…

Taming Tabitha by Virginia Nelson (Ellora's Cave). Book one of the Bond of Three series. As a Seer, Tabitha has always known the day would come when she'd have to face her destiny and succumb to her future mate, as only then would her powers fall fully under her command. Tradition dictates that Tabitha run, forcing her intended to prove his worth—and his desire. But it is the discovery that Tabitha is destined for two mates, creating a bond of three—unheard of among her people—that sends her running faster than she'd ever expected. Gage and Lancaster have been chasing Tabitha for over a decade. Though sharing goes against their basest instincts, the primal urge to find and seduce Tabitha overrides any desire to fight between themselves. As Gage and Lancaster close in, Tabitha must face the truth—though her people may scorn a bond of three, there's nothing on earth strong enough to destroy the chemistry and soul-deep longing Tabitha feels when she finally stands her ground and faces her men.

Eden's Present by Adam Carpenter (Ellora's Cave). Chad Singleton discovered a shocking truth at the conclusion of Eden's Past, and now the revelation threatens to undo everything he's achieved since he returned to his hometown of Eden. His job with rival relatives at Harte Industries, his relationship with his feisty grandmother, and most of all, his steamy, no-holds-barred love affair with the local chief of police, burly Brett Ellers. But it's the sexy stranger in Eden, William Kelton, who will most affect Chad, the two of them bound by intrigue, betrayal and a mutual attraction. As the mystery deepens surrounding his father's death, Chad buries his wounded heart in Kelt's welcoming arms. But the surprises have only just begun, the biggest of which will forever change his life.

Magnolias at Midnight by Kate Maxwell (Ellora's Cave). When aspiring journalist and small-town girl Ellie Martin is sent to cover the biggest New Orleans deb party of the season, she soon finds herself the object of desire of the party's mysterious host—Christopher Trader, the debutante's devastatingly handsome older brother. From the moment Ellie feels the powerful playboy's eyes upon her, she is seduced by his world of lavish wealth and wild, hot sex in and out of bed—and she succumbs to the sensual nature she never knew she possessed. A deliriously happy Ellie soon finds herself thrust in the middle of an all-out family war. Ensnared in the Trader family turmoil, she begins to unravel a web of dark secrets and lies, fueled by adultery and murder. What Ellie doesn't realize is that the vendetta that lies at the heart of the feud may just lead to her own undoing—or worse.

Sail to the Moon by Lynne Connolly (Ellora's Cave). Book five in the Nightstar series. With a wild appearance as untamed as his personality, Zazz is the perfect front man for Murder City Ravens. When the tour takes him home to Manchester, England, he finds his father in trouble and a social worker desperately trying to help. Laura is nothing like the proper, older social worker Zazz assumed he'd been communicating with via email for months. She's young and sexy. One look at her and he's lost. One night in her arms and he knows this is more than a road romance. But Laura has a successful life and won't give it up for a rock star. Zazz's father needs Laura's care, so how could Zazz even consider taking her away? Except they can't keep their hands off each other and when they're not heating up the sheets they're connecting on a deeper level. But their way of life must change if they are to have a shot at forever.

Widow's Wicked Wish by Lynne Barron (Ellora's Cave). The Countess of Palmerton has lived her life by Society rules, marrying the right man, bearing the required heir and guarding her name at all costs. And what has it gotten her? A loveless union, a cold marriage bed and a reputation for perfect propriety. Fleeing the whispers of her husband's scandalous demise, Olivia finds a haven at Idyllwild. Away from the gossip and glitter of London, she dares to cast a wicked wish to the winter sky. Be careful what you wish for. Jack Bentley has a wish of his own, one he has no intention of leaving to the fickle fates. He will marry the stubborn widow, even if it means using her awakening passion to force her to the altar.

Fall to Pieces by Paisley Smith (Ellora's Cave). Rockabilly crooner Polly Purefoy can't believe her luck when she's approached by Mallory Hayes, a Nashville record producer, with an invitation to join the Honkytonk Angels. There's just one problem. Ms. Hayes moonlights as a dominatrix and she's formulated a theory that submissive band members will make her job easier. Intrigued, Polly agrees to meet sultry Domme Vivien Blackheart. The pretty songbird obeys Vivien's illicit commands with a vulnerability that chips away at the seasoned Domme's icy exterior. But Vivien has been hurt before. And she's resolved never to let another sub into her heart. From their first encounter Polly enjoys every decadent punishment Vivien metes out, but the long, lust-filled sessions in Vivien's dungeon leave Polly wanting more than just spankings from her seductive Mistress. She wants love. And she'll do anything—anything—to get it.

A Taste of Rome by Lucy Felthouse (Ellora's Cave). Ryan Stonebridge and his friend Kristian Hurst have traveled to London and Paris on their gap year adventure before starting university. Now it's on to Rome. The American girls they met in Paris are along for the ride, providing lots of sexy fun for the boys. But as none of the foursome are looking for commitment, there's still plenty of scope for hooking up with the locals. Voyeurism, cougars, risky outdoor sex and threesomes abound in the Italian leg of the boys' European adventure.

Love, Sex, Spumoni by Maggie Montgomery (Ellora's Cave). Trust isn't Gabby's strong suit. She grew up watching a series of men abuse her mother and swore that one day she'd be strong, logical and able to protect herself. Then she met Geoff. Kind and introspective yet oh so male, Geoff fires her blood and libido like no other man ever has, encouraging her to express and explore her fantasies and let loose her inner passions. But now Gabby's faced with a new fantasy that tests everything she believes about strength and everything she fears about vulnerability. She wants Geoff to spank her—and she won't be satisfied with a simple mid-sex slap to her rear. The mere thought of an intimate spanking is unbearably arousing and she can't get it out of her head—it's as scary as it is exciting.

The following new releases were compiled for HEA by Beth Williamson (Emma Lang), author of The Prospect (book 10 in the Malloy family series). Her website is

A Little Harmless Six Pack by Melissa Schroeder (Melissa Schroeder). Get six Harmless books for one low price including four full length books and two short stories. Available for .99 during the preorder and through the first week!

Sizzle by Gina Watson (Gina Watson). A Louisiana fireman, Clay St. Martin liked his hoses bound tight and his women bound tighter. He'd not had a traditional relationship in years and was positive he'd found the answer to all his needs and desires: The Hoodoo Pot—Baton Rouge's elite members only sex and bondage club. Eve Ivey had escaped the clutches of her evil ex, but still she constantly looked over her shoulder. That is, until she met Clay. At six feet five, he was a king among men. She'd certainly like to be his queen. He'd rescued her from a hurricane's lashing winds and rising water, but his first mistake was in bringing her home. Yet she'd had nowhere to go. A bigger mistake would have been not going back for her. And now neither of them wanted her to leave. The only thing to do was let the storm rage outside while they focused on the personal storm raging between their bodies. A storm that was advancing on their hearts.

Before There Was You by Denise A. Agnew (Liquid Silver Books). Kidnapped in a foreign country, Lana Burns' faith in herself and the world has been shaken to the core. Once home, she finds her world mangled by nightmares and depression. Refusing to give in to fear and torment, she searches for answers. Now she must escape a dark mental place before it swallows her whole. Former Force Recon Marine Aaron MacPherson made it through war without a scratch, but he doesn't count thick scars carved into his mind, threatening to unhinge his happiness forever. His equilibrium teeters on the edge, his battle moving from combat to everyday life. One wrong word from a total stranger sends him on a path to destruction. Both Lana and Aaron have seen hell, and group therapy might show them the way out. Forging a link between them could prove perilous to their hearts. When danger strikes without warning, Aaron and Lana must use their bond to create a way to survive the night.

Devil's Charm by Sam Crescent (Evernight Publishing). No one screws with the Chaos Bleeds crew! Devil is on the hunt for the whore who stole his kid. She may have given birth to his child, but she'll never be the baby's mother. When her sister, Kayla, knocks on her apartment door with a baby, Lexie has no choice to take him in. She loves the boy instantly, and there is no way she'll give him up. When she loses her job, Lexie has no choice but to work in a strip club to help support the baby she's been given. Devil wants Lexie the moment he sees her dancing. He doesn't know at first that she's the sister of the girl he's been looking for, but when he does, everything falls into place. He'll have his son and Lexie both all for his own, but when Kayla comes back to town, all bets are off. There is nothing Lexie can do to save her sister. She's in love with Devil, and she knows he will do everything in his power to keep his family safe, no matter what she asks of him.

Alpha's Strength by Rebecca Royce (Fated Desires Publishing, LLC). Cyrus runs Manhattan with an iron fist. He will keep his pack safe whether they want him to or not. But something is missing and lately he is more on edge than ever. With his pack at risk and the Alphas of Philadelphia and Boston breathing down his neck, he doesn't anticipate the arrival of his true mate, particularly when he finds her in a coffee house across the street from his office building. She's not only identical to the mate of the alpha of Philadelphia but has no idea that werewolves even exist, let alone that she's one herself. Cyrus is determined to protect her while he solves the mystery of her life. Betsy, strong, smart, and determined, has been suffering for months trying to keep her parents alive. She doesn't know where the werewolf who followed her home came from and she doesn't care, he just needs to leave her alone. But as Betsy gets to know Cyrus, she will discover things about herself that she'd never believed possible. She's the only one who can help Cyrus keep his pack safe—especially when the true believers are out to destroy them.

Madam by Aubrey Ross (Anything-but-Ordinary Books). After inheriting a wildly popular sex club from her estranged mother, Tamara is forced to reexamine her priorities. She must now manage a vast fortune, her newly awakened hunger for uninhibited pleasure, and her mother's deadly enemies. Seeing no other option, and running for her life, she seeks refuge with Jericho James, a man nearly as notorious as her mother. Jericho is fascinated by the passionate promise smoldering beneath Tamara's stubborn reserve. He longs to strip away her defenses and help her explore each new longing, but first they must discover who is trying to kill her and determine if her mystic abilities have anything to do with the villain's plot. Danger heightens desire. If they can stay alive long enough to enjoy the ride.

Rose by Louisa Trent (Trent Publishing). His early years in Ireland spent in shackles as a brothel slave, forced to perform perverse carnal acts on demand, Amaurus the Moor now craves the delights of dark carnality. His unwillingness to inflict his unnatural predilections on a wedded wife condemns him to the solitary life of a nomadic mercenary. No home. No begotten children. Definitely no innocent virgins...Then he's seduced by a fair maiden whose illicit passions match his own. Disenchanted with her many spell-casting screw-ups, the Council of Immortals strip Treasa of her magical powers and erase her memory. However, the gods and goddesses are not without mercy. In their infinite wisdom, they give the shallow and vain virgin a second chance, a quest to redeem herself. To accomplish the feat, Treasa must employ her vast store of womanly wiles on Amaurus the Moor...while disguised as a lad, hampered by amnesia, and without knowing the simple quest was a complicated ruse all along.

The following new releases were compiled for HEA by Patricia C. Lee, author of Destiny's Present. Her website is

Psi Hunter: Guardians of the Pattern, Book 1 by Jaye McKenna. After a passionate night that never should have happened, former best friends Pat Cottrell and Kyn Valdari have been ordered to investigate a string of murders committed by someone powerful enough to kill with a thought. In order to succeed, they will have to work together to save an abused, traumatized young psion from being taken advantage of by the very organization that is supposed to save him.

Madam (Comet Coalition) by Aubrey Ross. After inheriting a wildly popular sex club from her estranged mother, Tamara must manage a vast fortune, her newly awakened hunger for uninhibited pleasure, and her mother's deadly enemies. On the run, she seeks refuge with Jericho James, a man nearly as notorious as her mother. Jericho longs to help Tamara explore each new longing, but first they must discover who is trying to kill her and determine if her mystic abilities have anything to do with the villain's plot. Danger heightens desire. If they can stay alive long enough to enjoy the ride.

Mystic (Comet Coalition) by Aubrey Ross. When mystic therapist Miranda is slipped a ring imprinted with images of murder victims, Enforcer Drake O'Bannon agrees to protect her. Drake has no use for mystics, regardless that he wants to explore every inch of Miranda's curvaceous body. The mystic link she uses to show him the images ignites their smoldering attraction. His assignment is to ensure her safety, not provide her next orgasm. Miranda understands the danger is real, but she trusts her abilities. Despite his determination to protect Miranda, Drake fears his desire for her endangers them both.