Sunday, March 16, 2014

'No dragons': JK Rowling Writes History of Quidditch

by Eun Kyung Kim)

Harry Potter enthusiasts got a new story Friday by J.K. Rowling, who posted "History of the Quidditch World Cup" on the interactive fan site, Pottermore.

J.K. Rowling provides a history of quidditch, the favorite broomstick-wielding sport of her fictional wizards and witches, in a new story posted Friday on Pottermore, the interactive website created for Harry Potter fans.

The “History of the Quidditch World Cup” is one of the longest new stories on the site. The 2,400-word story posted Friday will be the first of two parts and includes historical background about the tournament, as well as an explanation of guidelines. For examples, fans will learn the match includes such rules as "no dragon is to be introduced into the stadium for any purpose including, but not limited to, team mascot, coach or cup warmer."

The second half of the story will go up on Pottermore next week on March 21. The digital platform, which was created in 2012, also provides an online shop that sells exclusive Harry Potter eBooks and digital audio books.

Eun Kyung Kim is a writer based in Washington. Follow her on Google+ or on Twitter.