Thursday, March 13, 2014

Must-See Book Trailers: 'Neumarian Chronicles,' 'John Dreamer'

by Robin Covington)


I saw a robin (no, I wasn't looking in the mirror) yesterday so that has to mean spring and warm weather are around the corner. Right? While I face another temperature plummet this week, I've decided to cozy up with the latest installment of the Tyack & Frayne series, Don't Let Go, by one of my fave authors, Harper Fox.

Wow. That was my first reaction to the book trailer for The Neumarian Chronicles by Ciara Knight. The video is exciting, graphically stunning, and pitch perfect for the YA/NA futuristic dystopian series. I was hooked from the start, and it just kept getting better. I'm a bit gobsmacked!

Click to watch the trailer for The Neumarian Chronicles.

The video for John Dreamer by Elise Celine is quite striking in its utter simplicity. A white overall color theme, images of beautiful people in disquieting poses grab your interest from the beginning. But the best part is the original score — sweet, then lush, then soaring — it set the tone and pulled all the elements together.

Click here to watch the trailer for John Dreamer.

The trailer for K.M. Jackson's Bounce is sultry, sensual, and sexy. I love the way she uses images of perfection in body and position to contrast with the script that states very clearly that all is not what it appears. This is a slick, contemporary video with a lush feel ... like the highest-thread-count sheets on a king-size bed. Delish.

Click here to watch the trailer for Bounce.

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Blogger's note: I LOVE the background music for The Neumarian Chronicles.