Thursday, April 10, 2014

Really? A Mild Rant.

So those of you who know my website know that I review all genres and bring you humor and all kinds of book news.

And I have fun doing it. I do not have many complaints. I do have one pet peeve and it just slammed me hard today.

When a site, lets call it "The Daily Reader" (I don't know if there is a site named that and if so it is a coincidence). So I go to this site and go to the "books" section. And what do I find? ANYTHING BUT BOOK INFORMATION! Of even worse, depending on the day of the week or the feelings of the staff, an article or two about book and other things I have to dig through that have nothing to do with books to find my book information.

So I am talking about a new book that is coming out about Kurt Cobain which I posted about when I first heard about it. So I go to a site and click on books and it is a playlist of songs by Nirvana that has NOTHING TO DO WITH BOOKS! But this is not the first time for this site or any other sites. I don't even think the word book was anywhere in the title, the blurb, or any of Nirvana songs and descriptions of the songs.

I hate wasting time. I love my blog. I would just like websites to put their information in the appropriate places.

So please, media sites, if you have a book section, please make sure you are talking about books only. It helps us of those who blog and those of us who just read because I am sure other readers went wtf too when they saw what I did.

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